Monday, November 1, 2010

Rainbow Paddle Pop Fudge

When I was growing up, one of my favourite ice creams were Rainbow Paddle Pops. Those of you in Australia, or anywhere else that sells Streets ice cream will recognise these. Multi-coloured, creamy iced treats on a popsicle, with a super sweet flavour that you couldn't quite identify (according to the wrapper it's meant to be caramel flavoured). I was addicted to them. I seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with all blue coloured foods. A few years ago they took the blue out of the rainbow paddle pop ice creams, so there's no 'artificial colouring'. Whateverrr. It's not the same without the blue. Now I buy banana paddle pops instead :P
I felt like making fudge. I was just going to do a regular caramel fudge, but then I remembered that rainbow paddle pops are caramel fudge flavoured anyway! So much more fun right? Rainbow popsicle caramel fudge! I simply replaced the brown sugar in the original recipe with caster sugar so that the colour was a little lighter and then added some chocolate food colouring and swirled it together in a brownie pan. There's a very close resemblance to the original rainbow paddle pops (I had to include the blue of course), but I had trouble finding a picture of one to show you.
The fudge is smooth and creamy, though it had a stronger flavour from the white chocolate rather than a caramel flavour. I think next time I might replace half the caster sugar with brown sugar to give it a little more flavour. But it was still fabulous. According to the people who tasted it, the fudge was good because it wasn't too sweet, unlike some fudges which can be sickly sweet. Though I wouldn't encourage you to eat too much of it in one go...I had some for breakfast and spent the rest of the morning bouncing around.
As pretty as the rainbow coloured swirls of fudge looked as it set in the brownie pan, it didn't look like a rainbow paddle pop until I cut it into these shapes and stuck into on to the paddle pop sticks. I cut the sticks in half and they were the perfect size, and used a piece of cut out plastic as a stencil for the fudge shapes. It was simple and effective and now I am rather pleased with myself. Especially after the disappointments in my previous post!
Rainbow Popsicle Fudge
(adapted from this Caramel Fudge recipe, makes 15-20)
1 x 395g can sweetened condensed milk
1 cup caster sugar (replace with firmly packed brown sugar for a stronger caramel flavour)
125g butter, chopped
2 tbsp liquid glucose
1 1/2 tbsp golden syrup
200g good-quality white cooking chocolate, chopped
Blue, pink, purple & yellow food colouring (I used powdered food colouring for chocolate from The Essential Ingredient)
Popsicle sticks, cut in half

Line a 17x27cm slice/brownie tin (or an 8-inch square baking pan), allowing a 2cm overhang over two ends. Place condensed milk, sugar, butter, glucose and golden syrup in a medium sized heavy based saucepan on medium heat and stir continuously with a rubber spatula until it starts to boil. (It is hard to stop the mixture from burning on the base, if you can't be bothered with the vigorous stirring then try the microwave heating method in the original recipe. If you get some burnt bits in your mixture, simply strain it before continuing) Reduce the heat to slow and continue to stir over heat for another 5-6 minutes until it is thick.
Add white chocolate to hot mixture and stir until the chocolat melts. Split mixture into 4 equal portions and add powdered food colouring. Dollop spoonfuls of mixture together in the prepared pan, using a flat bladed knife to swirl the colours together in the pan. Smooth surface with a spatula and stand at room temperature for 3 hours. Chill in the fridge uncovered overnight or until set. Remove from the fridge, lift out of pan using the ends of baking paper and cut out popsicle shapes using a sharp knife (mine were approximately 4cmx6cm in size). Insert popsicle sticks into the bottom of each piece of fudge. If there is any moisture on the surface, use a piece of baking paper or a paper towel to remove it. Store in an airtight container at room temperature.
I'm be heading off on a 3 week holiday so the blog might be a bit quiet until the end of the month. I'm on my way to Adelaide and then Malaysia for my brother's wedding! Congratulations bro & M! Very excited for them (and also looking forward to pigging out in KL). If I get the chance I might post updates of the food I'm enjoying on my holiday, check back here or on twitter. I hope my awesome readers won't abandon me completely, promise I'll be back and baking up a storm in a month!
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  1. Too cute! I'm a chocolate paddle pop girl although do tend to get the rainbow one to bring back childhood memories.

    Have an amazing holiday, we'll see you when you get back. Work that tan baby.. :D

  2. They're so pretty! mm.. rainbow paddle pop :D my fav will always be the banana paddle pops! lol gotta love that artificial banana taste ^^

  3. why are you so awesome? seriously. you have the best ideas! have a fantastic holiday and eat heaps of ckt!


  5. that's awesome - loved the rainbow paddlepop! I have a memory of a white paddlepop with a molten chocolate centre - does anyone else remember this? It was the highlight of my primary school years, but everyone looks at me as if i am crazy when I mention it...

  6. Chris - OMG I totally remember that molten centred paddle pop! It was aweeesommee!!

  7. again, you astound me with your creativity. well done! they look supremely delicious

  8. This is BEAUTIFUL!! ♥ How does your brain function with all these amazing ideas! I loved rainbow Paddlepops - especially the part where your tongue would get all blue by the end of it. Omnomnom..

  9. OMG - these look absolutely amazing

  10. As soon as I saw a picture of these in my feed reader I immediately thought of rainbow paddlepops! Wow, that takes me back!

    I am definitely going to have to make these over the summer. I know they will be a huge hit with the boys! You are a genius.

  11. You have the cutest ideas! I'm not really into un-natural food colouring but you won't have to twist my arm to try one of those... :p

  12. I have to confess that I've never liked the taste of Paddle Pops. This never stopped me from the occasional Rainbow Paddle Pop consumption though.. I just couldn't resist the rainbow colours.

    These are a damn clever idea and so well made!! No danger of melting and dripping down the stick onto your hand either :D

    ENJOY YOURSELF while away!!!

  13. Oh no they took the blue out of rainbow paddle pops?? Clearly it's been far too long since I've had one hehe. Your little fudge paddle pops are so cute, they look just like the real thing!

  14. Steph you are the queen of cutesy sweet treats. These are just gorgeous. Perfect for birthday parties. Have a fun trip and best wishes to your brother. Eat lots and I cant wait to hear all about it.

  15. This looks delicious? I will take the recipe and surely will try it!! thanks for sharing!

  16. These are so cute! I didn't realise that they have taken the blue out either.

  17. Squee!! I love these and I still love that third photo! Will miss you terribly xx

  18. AMAZING! These are called Zapp in Denmark, and def my fav icecream and so difficult to find!

  19. This is truely AWESOME!!! hahaha I remember those rainbow paddle pops distinctly... never knew they were caramel flavoured tho! Such an ingenius idea... so terrible cute!!

  20. These are way too cute. I never had those pops before!

  21. These are so cute! And they must be yummy as well!

  22. Ahhh! So rainbow paddlepops are meant to be caramel flavoured? My friend and I were debating this the other day! Then why are there Caramel Paddlepops as well? I'm so confused... :P

    Regardless, I'm in awe of your creativity. These look perfect, and what I wouldn't give to relive ym childhood with one of your "paddlepops" right now!!

  23. I must've been a strange kid as I don't remember having many Paddle-Pops but I can't believe they took the blue out of the rainbow ones!

    I also can't believe you had fudge for breakfast =D

  24. These are sooo cuttee! hee hee loving the swirllll of colours whheee. Bouncing around is part of the fun ^^!

  25. incredibly adorable rainbow sweetness. Love them!

  26. Ohhh, they are so cute and your colours are awesome!! I love it, well done!

  27. So frigin cute! I've never been a rainbow paddle pops person but these make me want one! Shame about the blue being taken out, where's the fun in that? =D

  28. As a kid, I was constantly wondering what flavour the rainbow paddlepops were until i found out it was caramel and then suddenly the magic surrounding the icecream was lost and i too turned to banana! these look delicious

  29. Gorgeous!! I posted a link at (I've never heard of paddle pops! Our site is Australian-based, so I'm guessing many of our readers certainly have.)

  30. Rainbow paddle pops were always my fave too - since moving to the UK I've missed them along with Twisties, Cherry Ripes and Cadbury's (the stuff over here is not nice at all!!!) Can't believe they have taken the blue out of the rainbow paddle pops - so unimpressed! But I LOVE the look of your fudge, I'll have to make myself a batch and stroll down memory lane ;0)

  31. I am in love with your blog. You're inspirational! Love your pictures and I can't wait t try out this Paddle Pop recipe once I'm done with my exams (:

  32. Too cute for word! You have fooled me into thinking they are ice cream. What a great idea!! you are forever so creative!

  33. This is such a fun idea! And so very pretty.

  34. I'ma total popsicle fanatic. I love my zoku quick pop maker, I make popsicles all the time. I made a pumpkin pie popsoicle, I made some using my son's left over halloween candy, but nothing like this. Nothing. This is incredible. I love the colors.

  35. Phuoc'n Delicious - Heehee thanks Phuoc! I totally failed on the tanning front though :)

    Vivian - vxdollface - Thanks! Banana paddle pops are my favourite too :)

    chocolatesuze - Heehee :D Thanks dude!

    KIM - Hahahaha! This comment made my day btw

    Sophie - Thanks so much! Hope you liked them :)

    Margaret Tran - Hahaha yeah my brain is weird :S Yup, this will make your tongue go blue too!

    Mangada - Thank you!

    Jennifer - Oh yay! Thanks so much :) Hope your boys like it!

    leaf (the indolent cook) - Haha I can't help it, I grew up eating all the crazy food colouring filled things :)

    Conor @ Hold the Beef - Aww that makes me sad! Indeed, no melty mess, I didn't think of that before!

    Leah - Thanks :)

    Jacq - Yeah I know! So upsetting. Heehe thanks!

    A cupcake or two - :D Thanks Kath!! It was a great trip.

    colores - Thanks!

    missklicious - I want the blue back!!

    Karen @ Citrus and Candy - :) I like it too. xx

    Mandy Crandell - Thanks so much!

    sara - Oooh interesting! We have tons of them here!

    the dainty baker - :) Thanks! I know, I only noticed the label saying caramel flavour recently!

    anna - Thanks! They're the best ice cream :)

    fluffymadness - Thanks! They were very sweet but very yum!

    Hannah - Yes! I know, it must be a psychological thing, I bet they taste exactly the same!

    mademoiselle délicieuse - Fudge is the breakfast of champions :D

    FFichiban - Swirling is fun :D

    Lora - Thank you!

    Gourmet Getaway - Thanks heaps :)

    Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! - Thank you! I know right??

    Jane - Haha so true! It's better to just think of it being rainbow flavoured :)

    Philwebservices - thanks spam

    thang@noodlies - thanks so much!

    cookies and cups - thanks!

    Chic Cookies - Whee! Thanks for the link!

    Chele - Oh I used to miss cherry ripes so much when I was living overseas! Thank you :)

    aperturestreet - aww shucks! thanks you :)

    Ellie (Almost Bourdain) - Thanks Ellie!

    Megan - Thanks! It was fun to make :)

    Damaris @Kitchen Corners - Pumpkin pie popsicle sounds awesome! Thanks <3


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