Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flying Saucer Macarons

It's so frustrating when things don't turn out as good as you hoped.

I fail a lot in the kitchen, especially when I'm experimenting and coming up with new recipes. Things just don't go to plan, the decorations or the photography (or both in this case). But this is one particular failure I felt like sharing with you because I'm in love with the idea. I was randomly chatting with Tomred when he helped me come up with this awesomely cute idea for a Halloween macaron - Alien Spaceship Macarons.
Shells coloured grey so they look like flying saucers, gummy bears on top as the aliens and a clear plastic dome on top! Squee!! Oh and little metallic cachous for the controls. Unfortunately I made some silly mistakes and was lacking resources so the result was macarons that look nothing like flying saucers :( But I had to share the idea with you. It's frustrating to spend money and time on an idea that doesn't work out like you hoped. But we all have to make mistakes and learn from them sometimes!
I really should have piped the macarons in an oval shape instead of rounds. And I wish I could have found rounder plastic caps to use for the domes on top (I used plastic shot glasses cut in half). But the gummy bears and jelly babies as the aliens was pretty darn cute :) It would have been cool to find something to use as little legs on the bottom of the macs too. I used my basic macaron recipe with a lime butter icing and it's such a shame the look of them isn't quite right because the macarons themselves were perfect in texture and flavour. I don't think I can be bothered trying again with better props but if anyone can, go for it! Hope everyone has a fun Halloween this weekend!
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  1. oh I think they totally worked. I actually giggled out loud when I saw the first photo. They are awesome :D

  2. SO cute! I love the concept and especially the added detail of little metallic controls.

  3. dude sif fail! these babies are awesome i totes want to make them fly around the room!

  4. I can't see the fail anywhere! As long as they are cute and edible, it's a major success :D

  5. I think it looks like your vision. Its cute. The little gummis look like aliens. I cant wait to see what you come up with next.

  6. Well I look at this and see a success! Yes those tweaks you mentioned may improve it even more but they are fantastic as is!

  7. What are you talking about Stephy?!?! these look AMAZING!! love the idea sooo incredibly creative!! and OHHH so damn cute with the controls and gummies and everything! LOVE IT!

  8. I wouldn't call this a "fail" at all! It's innovative and the fact that you made macaron (which let's face it are not easy in themselves) which look so good is already success! Love the gummy aliens and the detail of their controls. Nope, big WIN! :D

  9. omg Steph these are amazing! I think they totally look like flying saucers and I love the little gummy bears and jelly babies as the aliens hehe. Awesome stuff!

  10. To adorable!! Such an original idea and I'm sure very tasty.

  11. Awesome! Just showed my 3 year old and he said " Mommy, we can make those for my friends!".

  12. I'm providing a plate for morning tea at work on Tuesday and I would dearly love to do cupcakes. Do you have any Melbourne Cup themed cupcake ideas? Or even just a really good flavour....

  13. Are you kidding? These are just hilarious! And perfect. Love your creativity!

  14. Jane - Umm if you want a simple idea, you could make some pretty hat cupcakes that are dressed up for the races? Should be simple enough to do it by placing a marshmallow on top of a cupcake and covering it with icing and decorating it with cachous, sprinkles or sugar flowers maybe? Something like this: Hope that helps!

  15. Holy crap, they look awesome. I'll attempt something similar. Thanks!

  16. That's too funny - really cute!


  17. Ahaha! Love it! I can even hear the little whirry UFO sound (you know, the official UFO sound that all UFOs must make) when I look at these. No fail that I can see (or hear) :)

  18. So not a fail! I love them - such a cute and original idea.
    Aliens are not given enough credit around Halloween time, I say out with the ghouls, in with the UFO's!

  19. Too cute Steph! You are such a clever girl to come up with crazy ideas such as these. It's cute that you gave the gunnie aliens little controls so they can fly around..

  20. LOOOVE it! I posted a link on Oh, those alien gummy bears.

  21. No way are these a fail! What about the bottoms of the bubble things you get from bubble gum machines instead of the shot glass?

  22. Ha ha ha these make me smile! I love this idea!

  23. jess @ fushmush - Aww thank you! :) A giggle is definitely a good thing!

    Deadmoan - They were tasty weren't they?

    Anna - Thanks so much! The metallic controls were my bfs idea, i was worried they would look a bit dirty lol

    chocolatesuze - Hehe thanks dude! Yes i totally pretended to make them fly around

    OohLookBel - :) hehe thanks! They were definitely edible..well except for the plastic...

    A cupcake or two - Yay thank you! My next idea was a bit more of a success :)

    leaf (the indolent cook) - Aww thanks! I wish I could tweak it still!

    the dainty baker - Rhonda you're too nice!! Hehehe thank you!

    Dolly - Thanks!

    Gummi Baby - Thank you :) Yay!

    Jacq - Hehe thanks Jacq! I had to have the gummy bears :)

    Mandy Crandell - Thanks :)

    JehanP - They were very tasty :) thank you!

    Anonymous - Awww so cute! Thank you!!!

    Lora - Heehee thanks so much!

    Jane - Hope they turned out well!

    ButterYum - Haha thanks!

    Conor @ Hold the Beef - :D I totally know the sound, I was making it as I made them pretend fly around my kitchen!

    Gianna - Thanks dude! :) I totally agree!

    Phuoc'n Delicious - Aw shucks! Thanks Phuoc :)

    Chic Cookies - :) Thanks so much for linking!

    Shannon - Yes exactly like those would be perfect! If only I could get my hands on those!

    Natalie Call - Yay :) Thank you!

  24. I think they're cute! I would just add tiny round candies or more of the metallic candies around the middle where the filling is for lights.

  25. Those are sooo fun - and funny! Any food that makes people giggle is a success in my books. :)

  26. I think they're darling. I knew what they were right away. ...and tasty to boot!

  27. Nancy - Thank you! I actually thought about doing that with the metallic ones, but decided that would make them too inedible, those things are hard!

    Patty - :) The giggle-factor is definitely a big part of my baking! Thanks!

    CalliopeCreations - Thanks! Yay!!


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