Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Part 8

Ying Ker Lou @ The Curve

I was in the mood for a lighter meal one night and Hakka food at Ying Ker Lou was the first place that was suggested. The Curve is home to a bustling street full of restaurants and cafes that come alive at night. I love love love the Malaysian shopping centres at night, it is such a novelty to me. With the abundance of fairy lights and shopping after dinner, who wouldn't love it?

Jasmin tea
The tea here is served in these gorgeous metal pots that seem to enhance the flavour. I love my Chinese tea and this one is wonderfully fragrant (or 'heong' as my Mum would put it).

My favourite dish is the steamed bean curd with pork mince. It's such a simple, clean dish but oh so tasty. The pork is so moist. The sauce is rich with flavour without being too oily or starchy, unlike similar style dishes that I sometimes order at Hong Kong style restaurants in Sydney. I have been desperately trying to recreate this dish at home.

Vegetable hotpot and stuffed bittergourd

The vegetable hotpot is similar to the steamed beancurd but with a slightly lighter sauce and a ton of different vegetables. I don't get to try the stuffed bittermelon, to my dismay it is filled with chestnuts and the others tell me that it is excellent. But why not fill it with pork instead?

Drunken chicken soup

The final dish was a big bowl of drunken chicken soup. The portion sizes at Ying Ker Lou were generous, but we had no trouble finishing anything. The soup was greedily lapped up by everyone at the table, incredibly rich in flavour with a strong hit of ginger and plenty of black fungus. While it wasn't the cheapest of eats around, it was a satisfying meal in a charming area.
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