Friday, April 3, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Part 5

Last night, I tried to be healthy and managed to avoid the Malaysian food stall at the Chatswood Thursday night markets (the chai tao kway is really great). Instead I picked up my new purple suede pumps from Wittner (hello credit card debt!) and stopped by Xic Lo for a mixed chicken salad and pho. My brother and I tend to go here when we are craving pho and don't have the time or energy to trek out to Bankstown to visit An. The service at Xic Lo is dodgy at best, but it is cheap and usually satisfying. Then I completely negated this attempt at a healthy meal by stopping by Aldi for some Choceur Mini Strawberry Chocolate bars for dessert. While dunking my melty strawberry chocolate into my cup of tea, I was reading all the other Sydney food blogs and realising that every other person and their cat has a food blog...and I don't have the flair, energy or skill to make mine as fantastic as any of theirs :( But it's okay! This is more just a diary for myself to enjoy. I don't mind being a daggy engineer!

Annnyyyway, while I was sitting there last night I was also reminiscing over some of the more memorable meals I had in KL. One of them would definitely be when we went to the banana leaf restaurant in Bangsar. I'm quite annoyed I didn't take note of the restaurant name, but a little bit of googling leads me to believe that it's called Sri Nirwana Maju. It's right opposite the pretty Bangsar Village II shopping centre. This Indian restaurant serves rice and vegetables on banana leaves, and there is an enormous selection of vegetarian and meat side dishes to accompany them.

My memory is completely failing me, I can't exactly remember the dishes we ordered...but I think we got some chicken tikka, fish curry and mutton curry. The mutton curry was my favourite by far, the meat was so tender that it just melts off your fork. I love the vegetables that are given - cucumber yoghurt salad, fried long beans and deep fried bittermelon and ocra (I think, damn my fuzzy memory!). Not only that, you get an ENORMOUS serve of rice with your choice of curry sauce, the tiny serve you can see at the front is about a third of a normal serving, and a big basket of papadums. We also order lime juice and lime lassi, and the both are good complements to the dishes. AND they also give a small serving of pickled beans and salted deep fried chillis. I eat a ton of the pickles, they are so delicious. I'm not as huge a fan of the chillis, they are incredibly salty.
The food is great and the place is completely packed even though half the tables are roadside and getting slightly hit by the rain that is bucketing down. And the best part about being in Malaysia, we can go shopping after dinner!

The pretty lights in Bangsar Village II
By the way, if you ever visit Bangsar II, make sure you try the hokkien mee at Reunion. It is a little bit famous. And if you check as you walk in, pretty much every table will be eating it. We got an enormous take away serve from there one day and it was noodle heaven. The noodles were super fat, covered in the richest, darkest thick sauce which contained tons of fatty pork bits. Expect that you will feel a bit sick for the rest of the day if you over-indulge in this, but it is worth it!
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  1. Mmm... You're making me hungry with all this talk of Malaysian food. I LOVE hokkien mee!

  2. Me too! I haven't found a good one in Sydney yet unfortunately...


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