Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Banana Pancakes with Lemon Coconut Curd - Guest Post on Rasa Malaysia

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be asked by Bee from Rasa Malaysia to do a guest post on her wonderful blog (thanks to Ellie for suggesting me!). I was completely indecisive on what recipe I was going to do for this special post, but I finally decided my Mum's Malaysian Banana Pancakes. These are no ordinary pancakes, and was one of my favourite treats when I was younger. I put my own little spin on the recipe by pairing it with a Lemon & Coconut Curd which is mind-blowingly good. Trust me.

So I'm very excited because my guest post is up today! Please head over to Bee's blog and check it out: Rasa Malaysia: Banana Pancakes with Lemon Coconut Curd.
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  1. Pancakes and lemon curd!! what an awesome combo!!!

  2. Looks good. Wish I could be having that for breakfast today!

  3. Congrats for the guest post Steph!

    These look absolutely scrumptious! And the curd sounds wonderful

  4. Congrats Steph! These pancakes look amazing!

  5. Yum! and congrats on the guest post on Rasa Malaysia. =)

  6. Nice Steph! Congratulations on your guest post - am heading over to read the recipe as I want to check your recipe for the lemon coconut curd.

  7. I want to go and check it out, but I am not sure I can look at the recipe after seeing the photos in case I explode with longing. So many good things here!

  8. you're a wonderful surprise for me....
    I'm an italian foodblogger and it's very nice to meet u on web.
    I'll follow u .

  9. Oh my! These look divine! Bookmarked!

    Great blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  10. grats! im drooling at the thought of a stack of banana pancakes as high as the ceiling now

  11. Looks fantastic! TQ for the recipe. Tried making it a while back and mine came up mushy. Will absolutely give it another go with your great recipe.

  12. the dainty baker - Hehe thanks dude!

    leaf (the indolent cook) - me tooo! they were so good I ate them up so quickly.

    Phuoc'n Delicious - Aww thanks Phuoc! The curd was lip-smackingly good!

    Betty @ The Hungry Girl - Thanks twin! :D

    Celeste @ Berrytravels - Thanks so much!

    Karen @ Citrus and Candy - Love you!

    Ladybird - Me too ;)

    Trissa - Yay! Thanks so much Trissa :)

    Conor @ Hold the Beef - Hahaha thanks Conor! Hope you didn't explode ;)

    anna the nice - Aww thank you!!

    Mary - :) Glad you found me too!

    chocolatesuze - Wheeee more pancake stacks!

    yd - You're very welcome ;) Aww mushy pancakes suck

  13. Looks so delicious! Where is the mug from btw? I love it!

    1. I got it a while back from Urban Outfitters :)


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