Thursday, October 22, 2009

Winsure Barbeque Restaurant, Chatswood

I'm very sorry it's been slow going around here. It's definitely not due to lack of interest in my blog, my laptop died rather spectacularly the other day and it took all of my recent photos for my upcoming blog posts with it. So all I can give you for the moment is what I have left on my camera, which isn't much since I did a dump onto my laptop just before it died. The most painful is that I lost all my daring bakers' challenge photos *sob* so it looks like I will have to redo it. Again. SOB. Anyway, forget about my bad luck with technology and let's work with what we have. We ended up at Winsure for a lazy late lunch, after some healthy retail therapy. It's a great place to drop by for a casual meal since it's so cheap and the food is quick and pretty tasty.

Roast pork and Chinese sausage ($15.80)

The only thing that bothers me is that the serving sizes are inconsistent everytime we come, so I'm never sure how much I should order. Today they're average, so we ended up ordering just the right amount. We always get a plate of their Chinese sausage because it is so deliciously naughty. Fatty slices of meat filled with flavour, these aren't the same as the chinese dried sausage (lap cheong) but they pack about the same amount of flavour in the juicy meat. The roast pork is super fatty with a super crunchy layer of crackling on top, it's neeearly burnt but you can't taste it.

Plain congee ($3.00)

Instead of ordering steamed rice to accompany our meat, we get a big bowl of rice porridge. This is officially my new favourite combination - Chinese bbq meat + congee = comfort in a bowl. The steaming bowl of congee is the perfect match for the fatty meat with no sauce, it adds moisture and tempers the grease level. There's something very Chinese and very homely about it.

E-Fu Noodles - Dry Fried Yee Meen ($9.80)

A big bowl of yee meen is something we always get here, but today it's rather empty looking, lacking the usually generous serve of vegetables and sauce. It's still satisfying though, with the chewy egg noodles and chinese mushrooms. Anyway, it's just one of those places that is perfect when you can't decide what you want to eat and you want it to be quick, cheap and unfussy.

Be patient, it may take a while before I get my blog back on its feet now that I am laptopless, but I will definitely be back soon!

Winsure Barbeque Restaurant

302 Victoria Ave,

Chatswood NSW 2067,

(02) 9411 2988

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  1. Oh Steph! Commiserations for you and your dead laptop :( And double commiserations at having to do th DB challenge over again (though, on the up side it means you'll have eaten twice as much yummy goodness!)

    Love the idea of meat + congee instead of rice. Brilliance!

  2. Oh very sorry to hear that your laptop died :( Argh! Hope it's just a small bump in the road and looking forward to lots of delicious posts :D *hugs* Btw, plain congee + meat is a total winner, I used to have it for breakfast when I was little :)

  3. Hope you can revive/restore/retrieve your info somehow. All those beautiful, hunger-inducing pictures that may never see the light of day - it's just too sad!

  4. Oh no, I'm lamenting the loss of your photos, and reminding myself I've been meaning to back mine up for a while now!

    I like the name of the restaurant. Even though you never know if the serving size will be big enough, or your yee meen will have enough vegetables, you'll win for sure ;)

  5. cant believe your laptop died :( Even though its a bummer the bright side is you get a new PCCCC *YAYYYYY*. Do you have to remake your DB challenge? or can you wait till the next one? =(

    Ive been loving congee lately. Last week I had congee and beef mince and of course the dirty fried dough. <3 see you in a couple of days for dumplingz

  6. I can understand the horroble feeling you had when you notebook die. I feel so sad about your DB photos. I saw it on the forum and they look perfect!!!!!! Hey, Windsure is my favourite place for a good fix of roast duck and fried rice.

  7. Oh no it sucks so much when your computer dies! Hope you can get the photos back somehow! Been to Winsure a few times and they are a bit inconsistent with the servings but the food is pretty alright so it sort of makes up for it :)

    p.s. thanks for linking my blog!

  8. Aww no Steph! I was wondering where you'd gone. Isn't it horrible when technology fails and sorry to hear you have to do the DB challenge again! :o

  9. Oh, that's rotten luck about your laptop. I back up my photos all the time but there's nothing worse than having no PC to copy them back to! Thanks for telling us about Winsure, anyway. A good congee place is worth knowing about.

  10. :( oh no! That's terrible! I hate it when computers stuff up or die, they just don't care about all your precious photos. :(

  11. shez - Oh thank you! Haha yeah my workmates were like, ohhh what a's okay you can give them to us! mm it's so good! I'm craving it right now!

    Betty - It was a sad day :( Omg awesome breakfast!

    mademoiselle délicieuse - unfortunately the data was too corrupted. Oh well, lucky I did a backup not too long ago so I only really lost a few photos :(

    Conor - Yes backup, I had been planning to do it and never got around to it! Hahaha win for sure!!

    Leona - Haha that is definitely the bright side, I was in dire need of a new PC!! MMM I love the fried dough...

    Ellie - Totally understood the pain you felt when you comp died too! Mm it's great for a chinese bbq fix isn't it!

    Jacq - How random are the servings?! Hehe no worries! :)

    Lorraine - Yeah I've fallen off the radar a bit :( It sucked!

    Belle - I know :( Such terribly timing! I usually back up pretty regularly, I was definitely due for one right before it died though :(

    Anita - I know, it happened with very little warning too!


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