Saturday, March 28, 2009

SWEETNESS the Patisserie

I'm very easy to please.

All it took was a little store to open up right down the road for Epping station and I was gleefully skipping around on a beautiful Saturday morning. SWEETNESS the Patisserie opened recently in Epping and I have been desperate to check it out since I heard about it. Other blogs had mentioned that it was only open on weekdays which devastated me, I would never get to see it because I would be stuck at work. Luckily last Sunday I walked past the store to scope it out and noticed that it was also open on Saturday. I spend the rest of the week looking forward to Saturday morning.

The store is gorgeous. It's my idea of the perfect patisserie. Bright and full of delicious looking goodies stacked all over the window displays and shelves. I had to try several things. I bought a banana streusel muffin for A, it had walnuts in it so I could only have a tiny taste of it without breaking out in hives. But that taste was enough to determine that it was delicious - moist, fragrant with banana and cinnamon flavours.

I also have to try some of their dark chocolate shortbread. They are even better than I imagined, literally melting in my mouth. Delicate but rich, the biscuits are coated on the bottom and top with dark chocolate. Sigh.

My final purchase is an adorable bag full of mini marshmallows. They come in a variety of colourful, fruity flavours but my favourite are the plain white ones dotted with vanilla bean.

After scoffing down my treats I took the new Epping to Chatswood train to do some last minute shopping for A's birthday. Not only did I find some good gifts, I also grabbed myself some winter basics from Myer, a gorgeous hair pin from Mimco and MY DREAM WATCH.

Yep. I've had my eye on this MBMJ watch for a long time, so my eyes nearly fell out of my head to see it just sitting there in DJs. Could not stop myself from getting it straight away, even though it has left a hole in my savings. I am too easy to please...but it can result in poverty.
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