Monday, March 30, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Part 4

As a brief distraction from our shopping mall madness, my Dad decided to take us on a day trip away from KL. His plan was to show A Genting Highlands, something that did not interest me in the slightest. I had spent many boring weekends in the Resort, the only thing that kept me entertained was the Motion Master, while the oldies disappeared for hours in the casino. But since A had never seen it before I went along with it. The drive to the bottom of the mountain was much quicker than I remembered. This could either be due to the exaggerated time dilation in my child memory, or the fact that a bajillion new flyovers and highways have been built since the last time I went.

We stop by Gohtong Jaya for lunch, a little area near the skyway station packed full of seafood restaurants. According to my Mum, tourists on their way to Genting LOVE this place. My aunt from Singapore will actually drive all the way here for the main purpose of eating seafood in Gohtong Jaya, with a gambling stop at Genting a side benefit of the trip.

The restaurant that was recommended by this aunt is closed today, so we stop by one of our other favourites. The food is delicious, especially the frog (yes, frog.) noodles.

Frog noodles @ Gohtong Jaya

The noodles are just like wat tan hor fun - thick, flat rice noodles that are wok fried and mixed with a gravy like sauce - with the extra addition of frog meat. The meat is moist, a cross somewhere between fish and chicken meat. It requires a bit of care to eat though, the bones of the frog have been smashed up to separate the pieces of meat, sharp enough to cut through your gums. We also get a bowl of clear spicy soup containing fresh fish and vermicelli noodles. I love the depth of flavour in the soup.

Fish noodle soup and marmite pork belly

Our final dish is crispy deep fried marmite pork belly. Malaysians looove their marmite marinated meat. It's a good thing that this dish only comes in a tiny portion, because the crisp fatty pork bits covered in that sticky dark sauce is SO moreish but so bad for you. After our enjoyable and far too heavy lunch, we head over to the cable car station. The Genting Skyway is apparently the longest and fasted cable car in South East Asia. I am clinging on to A's arm for dear life the whole way up thanks to my complete lack of faith in Malaysian safety standards. The view is absolutely spectacular however:

View from Genting cable car

Despite my apprehension, A loves Genting. He marvels at the whole casino in the clouds concept, and enjoys some card games in the casino, winning 15 Ringgit before we have to drag him home.
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