Friday, March 27, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Part 3

It feels like we spent almost half our holiday in 1 Utama, I'm sure I went there at least 5 times in a month. It's so close to my parent's condo and we needed to buy A a completely new wardrobe (which we did, and it is making it impossible for me to think of a good birthday present to get him now). One of the restaurants we visited a couple of times was Penang Flavours.

Assam Laska and Popiah at Penang Flavours

The popiah was so good, light and crispy. The assam laksa was okay, I've definitely had better but at least it came with a very generous serving of mackerel. We also ordered the mee rebus, which was definitely a winner.

Mee Rebus

The thick potatoey gravy combined well with the crunchy textures of the fried cracker things (which they kindly gave to us in a separate dish so it did not go soggy immediately). Also their ice milo was damn damn good, I forgot to take a photo but A asked for an extra thick one and that made all the difference. I find a lot of places water down their ice milos too much. On a separate occasion we also tried their char kway teow and a set meal with kari kapitan and both were excellent.

Another place that earned a revisit was Nasi Kandar Bestari at Mont Kiara Solaris. Since it was walking distance from our headquarters, it was the perfect place to wander down to for brunch. Much roti and sambal was consumed. And their maggi mee goreng wasn't half bad. Their teh tariks were good but always a little too sweet for me.

Roti @ Nasi Kandar Bestari
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