Monday, June 22, 2009

Bloggers Birthday & Tupper Parties!

Part One

What to you call a pack of food bloggers? This was something that was asked the other night. A feast of bloggers? A degustation of bloggers? A flog of bloggers?! Whatever you might want to call it, there were a lot of bloggers packed into a room at Wagaya next to Chinatown for Chocolatesuze's birthday dinner. Suze declared it to be masquerade themed so everyone brought a mask along for the night. Mine was a piece of crap, but the funniest would have to be the Masterchef judge masks that the boys brought along!

It was a fantastic night but I will spare you the details, because there are others who have covered it much better than I could and with much better pictures. To be honest I was too busy enjoying myself so I didn't pay a huge amount of attention to the food. The novelty (and convenience) of ordering by touch screen and the sushi roulette are the cute standouts at Wagaya:

Who's going to get the wasabi bomb?

I managed to escape the wasabi hit, but Trina who was sitting next to me did not :) Here's the other food that wandered its way down to the far corner where I was perched, I managed to hog an entire plate of lotus root chips to myself, the were my favourite of the dishes. The chicken cartilage was interesting but I still prefer chicken softbone!

Chicken cartilage


Wafu pizza

Lotus root chips

Tempura prawn

Assorted sushi and sashi

The pizza was intriguing, I didn't expect to like it but the crisped mochi on top added some interesting texture. I did manage to get it stuck to the roof of my mouth though! It's hard to get that stuff off your gums while trying to keep up a conversation. Whoever was in charge of the touch screen gets a big thumbs up, I was very well fed!


Happy Birthday Chocolatesuze! Hope you had an awesome night, I know that I did! And thanks so much for the invite :) Oh, and the lollipop ring haha! Finally, a big hug goes to Trisha for the sweetest idea ever; she made personalised cupcake pops for all of us. So cute! (And yummy too!)

Here's everyone who came that night, please check out their blogs for a much better version of the story :P

The birthday girl, Chocolatesuze
Howard & Minh:
Betty & Richard:
Chris & Tim:

It was great to catch up with everyone and to meet some of you for the first time. I'm sad that I didn't get to chat to everyone but I'm sure we will get to meet up again in the future!

Most of us, minus a few (Thanks to Karen for the photo!)
Part Two
Not long after Wagaya, the awesome Shez invited me along to a tupperware party at her place. Tupperware and afternoon tea? My inner granny was jumping up and down with glee! Asian Gaga looked aghast when I told her about it and said, "How old are you?!" Haha bugger that! We arrived to the most enormous spread of yummies...

So many cute goodies...

Look at the purple plates and napkins!

Chef Simon expertly making his own katsusando from scratch


Chocolatesuze's t-shirt: "I'm blogging this."

I was very glad I decided to skip lunch because Shez was an awesome host and made so many tasty things including sandwiches, profiteroles, lemon ricotta cupcakes, biscuits and tarts. Simon had me a little bit in awe with his katsu sandwiches, and I could not stop eating Suze's amazing peach slice. Yeah...I may have stuffed my face a little bit.


Raspberry and custard tarts

Lemon ricotta cupcakes

Chocolatesuze's peach slice

IKEA candy

After tucking into the food, we settled down for a little presentation from our tuppexpert Michelle. Much oohing and ahhing followed. It was definitely one of those moments when you want to spend on money on things you never knew you needed! I got a very nifty squeezy thingamajig that acts as a very neat piping bag but looked a lot like a boob.

Now that I've been to the tupperware party I'm horribly frustrated with my huge pile of shitty cracked Asian takeaway containers. Damn you, superior quality tupperware for showing me the greener grass!! We also made scones with a whole bunch of tupperware equipment, including the milkshaker, which did a rather impressive job of whipping up the cream for our scones.

Making scones


Goodies plate

After a very fun, relaxing afternoon, I headed home with a purple plate (and a belly) full of sweets and an order for some tupperware. Big, big thanks to Shez for inviting me and for being such a great tupperhost :)

Level 1, 78-86 Harbour St

Haymarket NSW 2000

Phone (02) 9212 6068


  1. Ugh damn that I couldn't make it to the tupperware party! It's always a feast with a whole group of bloggers who cook! :( Simon owes me a katsusando since I missed out :P

  2. milkshaker to whip up the cream? now this i gotta see! i dunno how many times my arm hurt from whisking cream for my scones :(

    oh and it was great meeting you during our wagaya dinner.. and thanks for the cake pops plug!

  3. Though we didn't chat at all at Suze's party, it was nice to finally meet and chat at the Tupperware party!

    I'll have to send you the "boobie" photo when I'm done processing the images for the Tupperware party :)

    @Karen, you didn't really miss out. Next time however...

  4. Great photos of the Wagaya event! You have so much more patience than I exhibited on the night and were rewarded with better photos! I think if I made it to Shez's tupperware party I might have also come home with a load of stuff I don't need or have space for!

  5. Ooh, good work with the wagaya photos! I liked the ones with the chopsticks! Was great to finally meet you that night & many more foodie adventures to come ;) Damn, I missed out on that tupperware party - all those treats! heh. the asian takeaway boxes really don't compare aye?! lol.

  6. Haha, yes, I also definitely need to replace plastic takeaway containers with something more elegant/colourful/glossy!

  7. 'i'm blogging this' t-shirt is so cool. hehe

  8. oh wow, two awesome parties! Chocolatesuze's party looks like so much fun, and then to follow it up with a Tupperware party that was so well catered, gosh you really are spoilt....I'm not a little jealous....I'm ALOT jealous!

  9. ahhh great to finally meet ya dude! and lol i cant wait to post my pic of you and your boobies...

  10. Karen - It was a bit of a feast, too bad you couldn't make it!

    Trisha - Yeah I didn't know you could do it with one either, and my Mum's had one of them from the 80s! It was great meeting you too :)

    Simon - it was awesome hanging out with you at the tupperparty, haha I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to or dreading seeing that photo!

    Forager - Thanks! Haha barely, the photos kept being an after thought when the food was on its way to my mouth, hence the chopstick shots :D I managed to (sort of) control myself and only buy two things :)

    Betty - Thanks! It was great to meet you too, I'm glad we got to hang out there and at Perama, finally! :)

    Belle - Haha same, must stop myself from ordering everyone!

    Simon - LOL i know! I want one!

    Maria - Hehe it's a pity you're not in Sydney! I am very spoilt hey?!

    chocolatesuze - great to finally meet you too! :D booooobiesss...never letting my parents see your blog!

  11. Great recaps! Sorry I had to miss the Tupperware party-it looks like fun :)

  12. Hee hee I agree! I want tupperware! Lol at all the boob talk

  13. Lorraine - Aww too bad you couldn't come, it was good fun :)

    FFichiban - My boobs are gettin a bit famous :D


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