Saturday, May 30, 2009

CWA Scones for National Scone Day!

EDIT: Go HERE to see a new, improved CWA recipe post!

I didn't mean to inundate this blog with consecutive scone-related posts. But it seems I am going to have to for today. I had other posts scheduled, but then yesterday morning a friend on the bus giggled and showed me an article in the local paper announcing that Saturday 30 May was apparently National Scone Day and the CWA in Eastwood would be celebrating by selling devonshire tea or coffee for $3. I will use any excuse to whip up a batch of scones, and what better excuse than a national day of scone celebration!

It only seemed appropriate that I try a CWA recipe for my scones today. I came across this CWA recipe (though I have no proof this is the real CWA recipe) and I have gotta say, these were the BEST scones I have ever made. The best. I have been trying a whole range of scone recipes from all over the place (which I haven't had a chance to blog about) but I am pretty certain I will be sticking to this recipe from now on.

There were a few worries. The mixture seemed too dry when I added the lower measurement of milk required, so I added the extra half a cup and although it was pretty sticky, it was easy to handle with floured hands. But after the suggested baking time of 12 minutes, I poked into one of the cuts I had made in the dough and it still looked raw and sticky. I had to turn the oven off and leave the scones in there for another 5 minutes. When I took them out after that they were perfection. Before I knew it, I had snarfed down two of them with some raspberry jam.

CWA Scones
(recipe from Epicure)

3 cups self-raising flour
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup cream
1 - 1 & 1/2 cups milk

Go HERE to see a new, improved CWA recipe post!

Sift dry ingredients. Cut in cream and milk with a knife. Work quickly into a dough on a floured bench.
Flatten into about a 1.5cm-high rectangle on a lightly floured or greased scone tray.

Cut into squares with knife or pizza cutter and place on top shelf of very hot oven (220-230 degreesC) for about 10-12 minutes.*

*Times and temperatures may vary according to your oven.
Fluffy fluffy scones!
Don't be scared off by the slightly moist and sticky dough that this recipe makes, as long as you cook it for long enough, these scones are the most wonderfully moist, crumbly and light scones you can make. The use of cream instead of butter gives it richness without it being at all greasy. And its so darn easy! Using a floured pizza cutter to cut the dough rather than making separate scones with a scone cutter seems to help the dough stay light. I barely worked the dough at all and it was very easy to pat out and cut.

The only type of scone I have yet to try is lemonade scones, but the ones I have eaten in the past seem too light and sweet. These are the scones for me. CWA ladies, I bow down to you. I will be enjoying more of these with raspberry jam and cream, Happy National Scone Day everyone!


  1. Argh I had no idea, and I love scones! Wonder if I"ll have time to whip some up today! Yours look incredibly light indeed!

  2. I would have had no idea either if it wasn't for the local paper! I googled it and there was absolutely nothing about it except for that ABC annoucement, so I get the feeling it was just something the CWA randomly made up as a good excuse to make scones :)

  3. It's National scone day? I had no idea hehe! :O Yours look very light and fluffy and gorgeous :)

  4. Oh wow! Your scones look delicious! I didn't even know there was such a thing as a scone day! I better go have one :)

  5. Lorraine - Hehe like I said to Y, I think the CWA just made it up for themselves :) Any excuse will do! Thank you :)

    Betty - Aw thanks! Go go go, many scones to be had on scone day :)

  6. your scones look good! my friend has also been telling me about lemonade scones and i've been skeptical to try thinking that they'll be quite sweet. keep me posted if you do end up trying a recipe.

    just wanted to say also, i love your blog! keep it up!

  7. Scones are so underrated. But they're easy to make, good to eat (with jam and cream) and everyone loves them. Go CWA - yours look good enough for you to join them!

  8. panda - thanks! yes i've had the same reservations about lemonade scones though my workmate made some once and they were pretty good. i might give them a go. Aww you're so sweet, thank you so much :D

    Belle - I agree! Scones are a winner in my book. Haha thanks :)

  9. They are very under rated, and go with some very under rated treats such as jam and cream! I'm interested in these lemonade scons, would be keen on how you go with them heh.

  10. :) mmm jam and cream are my scones best friends. i will let you know if i ever get around to making them!

  11. These are the best scones! I make them quite often and freeze for a quick treat with my coffee. Not so good on the hips!

  12. sistaeleni - I totally agree! Ooh thanks for the tip on freezing them, will have to try that!

  13. if you don't like the thought of the sweetness of lemonade... just use soda water and cream. Works a treat!

  14. :D Thanks for the tip Anonymous! Will definitely try that sometime!

  15. This is a good basic scone recipe similar to the one I use to make around 100 dz a year for various CWA functions. Only variation is 1/2 tsp salt and 300ml cream to 4 cups flour. I then add sufficient milk to make a SOFT - not sticky dough. Pat out dough on floured surface. Cut out rounds and place next to each other in a heavy based baking dish that has sides(scones baked close together will rise higher and thus be lighter). 10 - 15 minutes in a hot oven is usually sufficient. Depends on your oven! As this recipe is made with cream, scones can be frozen for up to 3 months.
    As for the lemonade scones - tried this but prefer without. This recipe can also be used for a quick Damper. Just form into a round or torpedo shape, brush top with milk and sprinkle with grated cheese before baking. Test in middle with skewer to check when cooked thoroughly.

  16. Yvonne - Ooh excellent, thanks so much for your tips! I've been meaning to retry these scones so I will definitely try it with your variation :)

  17. Your site is great! A few months ago, I was treated by my son and his new wife to a tea room experience. way fun and cool. The scone scrumptious and delish, was HIGH. How do they get them so high?

  18. trish - Please check out my CWA scone recipe here for tips on how to get your scones to rise higher:


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