Monday, January 25, 2010

Frank's Lebanese Restaurant, Fairfield

I was excited. I don't get to eat good Lebanese food very often and I had heard so much about Frank's, so I was excited. It was my first time visiting Lisa's lovely home in Fairfield and she was eager to bring us to her favourite restaurant in the area, which seems to be a bit of an institution. And so our awesome group of five finally organised a date at Frank's, which is no easy feat when trying to coordinate 5 different schedules (we had to plan this 2 months in advance!).
Fattouch salad (Larger $8.90)

We start off with something quite light, the fattouch salad. I dive into it with gusto after all the photos, since I am absolutely starved. It's the perfect summer salad, light and crunchy with crusty pieces of bread throughout.
A basket of warm bread is placed at our table and soon all our main dishes follow. The felafel has a satisfying crunch to it's exterior and it (along with all of our mains) is accompanied by a huge dollop of hommos and baba gannouj and tons of fresh salad. All that greenery makes you think you can totally pig out without feeling particular guilty, which can be quite dangerous.
Felafel main meal ($11.90) - 5 pieces of felafel with chefs own garlic sauce
Charcoal chicken ($11.90) - Half chicken served with hommos, tabouli & baba gannouj and garlic cream
The charcoal chicken is a winner with everyone at the table. It's crisp and mouthwatering, the kind of food that makes you throw your table manners out the door so you can grab it up with your hands and get every morsel off the bone.
Mixed Plate ($13.90) - Lamb, chicken & minced meat
Finally we have the mixed plate, which is meat heaven. The three different skewers are moist and full of spices and flavour. My favourite is probably the lamb, and all the meat is great when it's wrapped up with some of the warm bread and dips. We ordered just the right amount of food, so we were fully satisfied and it barely made a dent in our wallets. The service was excellent, extremely welcoming and the waiter even insisted on arranging the dishes neatly for our photo taking. We didn't stick around for dessert, since we had such a delicious dessert waiting for us back at Lisa's. It was hard being so close to Cabramatta and not getting the chance to stop by to shop and eat myself silly, so I know I will be back to the area very soon.
Frank's Restaurant
16 Smart Street
(02) 9724 3000
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  1. Ummm chicken... What I wouldn't give for a layer of that crispy skin and baba ghanoush! *drool*

  2. Golly that food looks delicious and it's so cheap! Very rare to find a good place like this!

  3. That looks so good! Very hungry now...

  4. The food looks wonderful there! Those prices are incredible too, another reason to venture out :D

  5. After seeing all that gorgeous food - it's a pity you had to wait two months in advance for it. Lucky Lisa for living so close to that place!

  6. Satisfyingly crunchy felafel? Yes please! With a massive dollop of hummus please :D

  7. Yum! There aren't too many Lebanese places around my area so maybe I'll have to venture out to Franks to try their chicken which looks amazing!

  8. Yum! Food looks fab! Wish I lived closer!

  9. Karen - Oh yes please! I hope we can go back soon!

    Brenda - I agree, I love little gems like this!

    missklicious - Doesn't it? It's dangerous to look at these photos too often!

    Lorraine - Yes, if only food was this cheap everywhere in Sydney!

    Trissa - I know! I wish I could go all the time. Lucky Lisa indeed!

    Conor - Mmm yes! Gosh I love hummus.

    Jacq - Same here! It's worth going I think, not that I'm an expert when it comes to Lebanese cuisine in Sydney

    Y - Same here! I have nothing like this near me :(

  10. I heart Frank's! I miss you girls! Looking forward to our next outing :D

  11. :) I miss you toooooo!!! See you sooN!

  12. I tried Frank's recently and I was blown away by how generous, fresh and delicious all of the food was... I love it!

  13. Yes I thought it was fabulous value!


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