Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flying Fajita Sistas, Glebe

Taco Tuesday. Could anything sound more appealing to someone like me who is incredibly povo right now and looking for all opportunities to save a little money? I really haven't been eating out much these days, in case you couldn't already tell by the lack of restaurant posts recently. But when Lisa first mentioned that they did cheap taco platters at Flying Fajita Sistas on Tuesdays, my immediate response was "YES. I'm THERE.". A happy group of eight of us ended up at Glebe to enjoy some cheap tacos and a bit of sangria (or $3 tequila shots for anyone who was willing).
(Sorry it was a blurry photo night)
The restaurant is still incredibly busy when we arrive at 8.30pm, and as a small line begins to form at the door as people wait to be seated, I hear a passer-by murmur to her friend "Ooh there's a line, it must be good". Well it's not always true, but it's usually a pretty good sign. We get to sit upstairs, though the atmosphere upstairs is almost identical no matter where you are seated. It's warm, busy and there's a lot of tacos.
Strawberry & White Wine Sangria (1 Litre - $19.50) - A light and refreshing Sangria made with brandy soaked strawberries, white wine, pineapple juice and dry ginger ale
We start off by ordering some jugs of sangria (of course). It's very light and cooling and you can definitely pick up the flavours of the strawberries and the ginger ale, though Lisa still reckons it doesn't beat the one they serve at Gazebo.
Trio of pepian, queso fundido and frijoles ($14.90) - with blue, white and yellow corn totopas, lightly salted
The eating commences with dips, very cheese ones. I'm a total sucker for melty, oozing cheese, so I am quite happy to plow into all the dips. The pepian is the Mexican pesto made with pumpkin seeds and fresh green chilli, then there's the frijoles (pinto beans blended with traditional spices, grilled with cheese) which I really enjoy, though I think everyone is in love with the queso fundido (charred tomato and ancho chile salsa melted with cheese). It's rich in flavour and packed full of gooey cheese, yum.
Beef tacos
Then we were on to the tacos. For $12 per person, everyone gets 4 different tacos (beef, chicken, pork and bean) and complimentary sides to share. All the different types of soft tacos come out on separate platters, begging you to dive in with your hands.
Complimentary sides (guacamole, salsa & crema)
Extra chips
Bean tacos
These tacos make me think that I haven't really eaten proper tacos in my life, the with is tender and shredded (giving it a texture that I really enjoy) and topped with lots of cheese. The tacos are quite thin and soft, so they aren't too doughy, though it does mean that all our photo-taking lets them get a little soggier than they would have been when they first came up.
Chicken tacos
The beef tacos are quite strong in flavour and is nicely moist, and the chicken and bean are a little bit drier but have some good flavour, but my personal favourite was definitely the pork tacos. I hadn't had pork in a taco before, but it was delicious, and now I want pork in all my tacos!
Pork tacos
Mmm porky...
The pulled pork was super juicy and tasty, I kept nibbling on bits of pork that I could find with my fork even after I was full and happy to stop eating. Piling up the tacos with guacamole and salsa made it even better.
While we are here, I have to try some of the chilli sauces they have on display, from the so called "Wall of Pain!!!". We start off with some of the not so scary stuff from the middle shelf, and you have to love the name of this one:
The Rectum Ripper
Oh yes, it really was called the rectum ripper. But it didn't really live up to it's name since it only registered a delicate tingle on my tongue. I am a chilli fiend after all, I was expecting much worse with a name like Rectum Ripper! (Not looking forward to the random Google searches that will find my blog thanks to this) My friend had even warned of people who had cried at the table after trying some of their top shelf chilli sauce, so I had to try one that had a big scary looking Z on the front of it. It was alright, it burned happily at the back of my throat and lingered for quite a while, but it wasn't the worse I've had! I love chilli :D
Dessert time. Gosh I love it when you can order every single dessert on the menu, and thanks to our large table we were able to do that easily. The five desserts on offer sounded equally appealing, so I was glad that we didn't have to choose.
Orange, Coffee and Caramel Brulee ($12.90)
The brulee had that toffee layer that gave a satisfying crack as Karen broke into the surface. The custard was smooth and creamy, and rich with the flavour of coffee, which slightly overpowered the orange that was present in the mixture. I'm not always a lover of coffee desserts but I liked this one.
Mexican Bread Pudding ($13.90) - Brioche, spiced pecans and chunks of Mexican chocolate baked in a rich custard, finished with a cinnamon anglaise
I had to miss out on the bread pudding since it had nuts in it, but I loved the sound of the brioche and bits of chocolate. The others said it was alright, but not the favourite of the desserts.
Banana and Chocolate Chimichanga ($13.90) - A flour tortilla wrapped around banana and chocolate then lightly fried. Served with cinnamon anglaise, caramel sauce and a coconut creme
This was definitely my favourite dessert on the table. Fried, with banana and chocolate? Win! I loved the generous sprinkling of cinnamon on top, and the browned tortilla wrapped around soft slices of banana and melted chocolate.
Platano Frito ($11.90) - Fried banana finished with fresh coconut creme, toasted coconut and white chocolate
After we got over the phallic jokes, we were expecting this dish to be as tasty as the previous. I mean, it didn't sound too different, it was fried and had the banana, but was just missing some of the other stuff. Unfortunately it was pretty disappointing, the banana was unnaturally dry and hard, almost crunchy. The texture was a little bit powdery and was lacking flavour. Not sure what happened here, maybe the banana was too unripe?
Chocolate Mousse Cake ($12.90) - Chocolate genoise brushed with kahlua topped with a Mexican chocolate mousse, finished with an espresso anglaise and creme
The chocolate mousse cake was pleasant, it had a lovely fluffy texture that made it very light. It was quite sweet but not very rich, compared to the slight bitter, rich dark chocolate mousses that I am such a huge fan of. A thin disc of sponge cake down the bottom went nicely with the tall pile of mousse on top.

We finished late, lucky to get our dessert order in before the kitchen closed, and happily paid the bill after finding out it was a measley $30 a head. Consider all the desserts, drinks and starters we ordered, I thought it was incredibly good value. And the service and ambience was faultless, as far as I can remember. The povo in me rejoiced. More Taco Tuesday or other similar cheap feeds are needed in the near future please!

Flying Fajita Sistas
65 Glebe Point Rd

Glebe NSW 2037

(02) 9552 6522

Open 7 days 6pm until late

Taco Tuesday - $3 tacos and $3 tequila shots, taco platters (4 ppl min) - 4 per person with complimentary sides
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  1. Wow that was a super fast post! I was impressed by your dab-the-chilli-straight-onto-your-hand tastetesting on our way out. Hard core! The pulled pork was delicious and I love that everyone decided to simply order "one of everything" for dessert. lol

  2. haha you're so fast in posting! absolutely loved the pulled pork oh man so good

  3. Geez you're fast! Ooh drool at pork tacos and I'm always at my happiest when I get to say, 'one of each dessert please!'.

    Yes to more cheap eats :D

  4. The pork was my favourite too! And I loved the chimichanga dessert, so much better than the strange fried bananas hehe. You have some serious chilli tolerance Steph!

  5. Wow, $30 per head is fantastic value! And everything looks delicious.

  6. Jealous! So sad I missed it! I'll be there next time!

  7. LOL at the Rectum Ripper sauce! You'd really expect it to be rather frightening given the name :o

  8. I love FFS ^^! Need to get a mexican fix tehre soon and cheap tacos yayy! Mmm pity not a all-u-can-eat taco tho hee hee

  9. Everything looks lovely - esp the pulled pork and desserts. Great name for the sauce :)

  10. awesome review Steph- and i do love it when you're able to order one of each dessert on the menu hehe :)

  11. Hehe, rectum ripper. Nice. Still, you gotta come up with the goods with that kind of name. You don't want a pleasant tingle when you're expecting ripping :D

    I'm glad you mentioned the phallic jokes.. it made me feel less rude about what immediately came to mind when I saw that dessert.

  12. I'm such a sangria lover! I actually really adore the white wine versions, they seem to offset the heaviness of mexican food sometimes. And that bread pudding! Oh, pure torture.

  13. Thanks for coming to the first Taco Tuesday! I hope it'll be a semi-regular thing, it was a fun night! mmmm pork tacos. You are seriously hardcore with the hot sauce.

  14. Helen - Haha yeah I was kind of desperate for restaurant posts, I haven't been eating out much! Woot I'm hardcore! :D

    chocolatesuze - hehe see above :) Yes I'm totally craving that pork now!

    Karen - I love that we've done that at least twice now! We win!

    Jacq - I think it was everyone's favourite! :D I love my chilli!

    joey@FoodiePop - They were okay but I think the tacos were still the winner of the night!

    missklicious - Isn't it great value?? We were so surprised, so worth it!

    Trissa - I know :( It's a pity you couldn't make it! You better be!

    Lorraine - Haha yes I had high expectations! It was a little disapointting

    FFichiban - Oh my, I would love to see how many tacos you can eat, considering how many fajitas you've managed in the past!

    Anita - I'm sure there were some even funnier names for some of the other sauces!

    Betty - Hehe thanks! Isn't it great? I feel so overly indulgent :D

    Conor - It's a charming name isn't it? Exactly, I expecting ripping! Haha that dessert was wrong in many ways.

    vickys - Same here, I'm a big fan of white wine versions. I'm sad I couldn't try the pudding!

    Lisa - Thanks for organising it dear! I hope it happens again soon :)


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