Monday, November 30, 2009

Bourke St Bakery, Surry Hills

Hurrah, I finally found my way to Bourke St Bakery! I don't know how I've managed to miss out on it for so long, forever drooling at the sound of their brulee tarts, but never actually dragging my lazy arse out there. I got my first chance as part of Reem's walking/eating tour of Surry Hills. Even though I was stuffed full of cupcakes (which is not as fun a feeling as it sounds), I had to get several things to take home and try at Bourke St Bakery. I was determined to get my hands on one of their famous brulee tarts.
We showed up and there was a line coming out the door, apparently there is always a line. One guy even walked past amused and yelled out, "They sell bread at the supermarket too, people!". Yes, but they don't sell orgasmic brulee tarts at Coles do they? The service is lightning fast, and it makes a big difference if you know what you want before you walk in there. I had no clue and ended up picking one thing, then seeing something else that caught my eye and adding it to my pile of purchases.
We gather at the park on the other side of the road, eager to get a look at all the yummies that we bought from the bakery. Reem's pizza looked delish but I can't quite remember what was on it. Chorizo maybe? I have a bite of Lisa's beef pie and it is so amazingly good, huge chunks of moist beef, bursting with flavour. That is what a pie should taste like all the time.
Steak Pie
Lamb & harissa sausage roll ($4.00)
I bought a lamb and harissa sausage roll because Karen managed to snare the last pork and fennel sausage roll :P She did let me have a bite of the pork & fennel one and it was so so so soooo good, I will definitely have to come back to get a whole one for myself. Just the right amount of fennel. I'm not disappointed with my lamb sausage roll, even though I realise about halfway into it that it has bits of almonds. Lucky I'm not particularly allergic to them!
Lemon curd tart
Karen had to try the lemon curd tart, which looked so cute with that big dollop of creamy lemon curd in the middle. It's quite soft curd, and unfortunately most of the filling escapes into the surrounding paper bag during the train ride home :(
Chocolate and raspberry mousse tart ($4.40)
I managed to talk myself into buying two tarts, a chocolate and raspberry one as well as a brulee tart. The chocolate one is fabulous. A crunchy choc biscuit coating with a fluffy rich chocolate mousse and gooey, tangy raspberries at the bottom. Yum.
Obligatory food porn shot
Ginger brulee tart (front) and Strawberry vanilla brulee tart (back) ($4.40 each)
I'm lucky enough to snare the last strawberry vanilla brulee tart, since the ginger tart is covered with pistachios. I hear from others that the ginger tart was a little too strong on the ginger, but the strawberry tart is perfect. My face would have been amusing to watch when I first bit into the tart that night, since my eyes must have lit up with glee. That sexy toffeed top which you crunch through, and then to lick up the smooth vanilla custard mixed with chunks of strawberry. It was a little bit sexual. Haha!

So all in all, it was a very impressive introduction to Bourke St Bakery. I only wish I had easier access to it!

Bourke St Bakery
633 Cnr Bourke St and Devonshire

Surry Hills NSW 2010

(02) 9699 1011

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On another note, I was very lucky to receive this Over The Top blog award from Trissa of Trissalicious. Her blog is one of my absolute favourites because of her wonderful story-telling abilities and gorgeous photos. She was most definitely one of the people who inspired me to work harder to improve my macarons, in the hope that they would come even slightly close to the perfect ones she makes! And since I am always in awe of her cooking and baking talents, I can only consider it the highest compliment that she passed this award on to me :) Thanks so much Trissa!

According to the rules of the award, I must provide my readers the answers to the below 35 questions in ONE WORD I also must THANK my award giver Trissa @ Trissalicious for this fun award AND grant 6 of my FAVORITE BLOGGERS this award. Then, give them the heads-up that they have been nominated by yours truly.

1. Where is your cell phone? Handbag
2. Your hair? Black
3. Your mother? Cute
4. Your father? Wise
5. Your favorite food? Cake!
6. Your dream last night? Music
7. Your favorite drink? Tea
8. Your dream/goal? Happiness
9. What room are you in? Office
10. Your hobby? Baking
11. Your fear? Failure
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Comfortable
13. Where were you last night? Family's
14. Something that you aren’t? Perfect
15. Muffins? No
16. Wish list item? Laptop
17. Where did you grow up? Everywhere
18. Last thing you did? Apple
19. What are you wearing? Dress
20. Your TV? Crap
21. Your pets? Birdies
22. Friends? Enough
23. Your life? Fast
24. Your mood? Uncomfortable
25. Missing someone? Boy
26. Vehicle? ..bus?
27. Something you’re not wearing? Jeans
28. Your favorite store? Mimco
29. Your favorite color? PURPLE!
30. When was the last time you laughed? 5mins
31. Last time you cried? Recent
32. Your best friend? A&Gaga
33. One place that I go to over and over? KL
34. One person who emails me regularly? Karen
35. Favorite place to eat? Mum's

And now to pass it on to 6 of my favourite bloggers, which is hard since I have faaar more than 6 that I love. But here you go, in no particular order:
- Conor from Hold the Beef
- Karen from Citrus and Candy
- Linda from eatshow&tell
- Yas from
- Lisa from spicyicecream
- FFichiban from Here Comes the Food
Boo I want to pick more, 6 isn't enough! Anyways, I love you all!
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  1. YUM! I enjoyed re-living our lovely day :)
    That was one of the best meat pies I've ever had, mmmmm, & the lemon tart was orgasmalicious! I want to go back and try all the other tarts now =O

  2. Haven't had bourke st in the longest time X(! Hahah it is always a good sign when you start moaning and making sexual faces while eating :P

  3. The brulee tarts look so deliciously brulee. I presume you found it worth every penny? :)

    Congrats on the award. Was it hard to come up with one word answers for everything?

  4. YAY!! you finally made it to Bouke Street..OMG the pies, the crust is so good.. ooh the creme brulee tart, the sugar layer, so good... ooh the tangy lemon curd tart, so smooth.. damn it Steph, I have to get down there soon.

  5. Omg it's nearly lunchtime and my stomach's growling and the steak pie looks sooooo good!

  6. Umm brulee... I couldn't try the strawberry one cos the boy ate it. And I didn't like the ginger one (boy was he in trouble!).

    I regularly email you? Hehe never knew that :D Thanks for the love xox

  7. Thanks so much! Sending the blog love right back at ya! Also, purple rocks!

    How funny about the guy yelling out about the bread. If only he knew what he was missing out on, but he's probably happy with his tiptop sandwich loaf ;)

  8. The lemon curd tart has my name written all over it... Mmm cravings!

  9. Oh I love the ginger brulee tart because it is so gingery. I think it's my favourite of them all!

  10. Mm, those lemon curd tarts were indeed amazing! And I love reading those about you sections - always interesting to find out more about fellow bloggers

  11. Aww thanks for the kind words! Anyway, just wanted you to know I have the cookbook - if you want the recipe for the strawberry tart - email me! Then you don't have to make the trip there but then you'll have to make it for all of us!

  12. Again, I am one of the last who hasn't been to bourke st bakery. They are amazing. Gluten, gluten, gluten, why don't you let me eat you? And yay to another Mimco fan!!

  13. It's been such a long time sinec I've been to Bourke St Bakery! Ever since it closed down at Broadway it's been so hard for me to get there, but man your post really makes me crave their strawberry vanilla brulee tarts mmm...

  14. Great to hear the brulee top was still crunchy!! Everything looks so good! Congrats on the award!

  15. Haha a little bit sexual... nice!! Mm.. I love BSB tarts! Can't wait to see all the awesome brulee tarts you'll be making with your new toy :D And yay for your OTT award!

  16. I love the way that BSB bake their tart shells! And it's always good learning more about you -but what did you mean the last thing you did was apple? :P

  17. Ohhh bourke st bakery, I used to grab my quick lunch from here! Pies and sausage rolls ftw!

    Thanks for the award!!

  18. I went back to bourke st and I tried the pork and fennel sausage roll.. OMGG it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I liked it much better than the lamb even tho the lamb is really good.. AHh everything in this place is the bomb.

    <3 <3 your bourke st bakery posttttt it makes me want to go back again

  19. I stumbled upon the Bourke Street Bakery cookbook at Borders and I was intrigued by their story and how famous their baked goods became. Looking at those photos and your descriptions, I can understand why. It makes me want to jump on a plane to Sydney this instant to try all those scrumptious looking goodies, if only I could fly.

  20. I love this place, as their sausage rolls and pies are so good! They have a branch at Marrickville too. Great review.

  21. Lis - Seriously, that meat pie was amazing! I wish I could have tried the lemon tart!

    FFichiban - Hahahaha why did I start thinking of Yas when i read the bit about sexual faces?

    Simon - Totally worth it! I could have eaten 3 more! Very you can see I had to cheat a bit.

    Linda - They have such good pastry, why can't they have more shops around sydneyyyyy

    Trisha - Same here, I could do with one right now!

    Karen - Hahaha poor guy he must have copped it! Heehee you do :P

    Conor - Yay go the purple!! You're welcome :) Yeah he can enjoy his crappy Coles bread alone :P

    missklicious - Mmm I want to try it too!

    Helen - Hehe well i didn't get to try it, but I love super gingery things too!

    Forager - Haha yes the blogger behind the blog ;)

    Trissa - Thank you for the award! Ooh yes I will definitely take you up on that offer sometime!

    Ellie - Oh Ellie you have to go!!! I'm sure we can find you something thats gluten free! Mimco is the most awesome shop ever!

    Jacq - I know, they need to be in more places! The brulee tart was so darn good!

    Anita - Mmm it was so tasty I could do with one right now!

    Betty - Hahaha when I first read that I thought you were talking about the backstreet boys LMAO!

    Lorraine - Mmm it's so good isn't it? Hahaha the last thing I did was EAT an apple, but I couldn't put that in one word!

    Yas - You were so lucky to have it near your work! Jealous!!

    Leona - Ahhh I really want to get a whole one for myself! Everyone seems to prefer the pork one, I think I prob will too!

    Sheryl - Hehe ooh yes one of the many good reasons to come visit sydney!

    joey - ooh I've never been to the marrickville branch, just as out of the way as the others for me :(

  22. Always an officious out of work actor/staff member barking directions at customers and throwing food into bags. It's like they are all coming down from party drugs. Not dog friendly. Slow Service. Burnt Pastries. High Prices. Try and avoid it!

  23. lake - It's a shame you think so, I found the service was lightning fast. And not too surprised it's not dog friendly, it's tiny and can barely fit people in as it is. The prices seem fairly fitting considering the quality, in my opinion!


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