Monday, July 27, 2009

Mamak, Haymarket

Finally, I returned to Mamak. I've had roti on the brain ever since I heard Mamak had closed for a few weeks for renovations. Once I realised it wasn't there to have any time, I really really wanted it. So as soon as we heard the news of it's grand reopening, I was itching to go. We arrived early, wary of the lines that we always heard about. Note to self, Mamak doesn't open for lunch until 11.30am. Oops. Anyway, we were in line before the doors had even opened, so we were assured a table!

I take note of the changes to the restaurant while waiting in line with Leona and Betty. It's pretty much doubled in size, but it's hard to believe that it ever was as small as it used to be, it still looks fairly small and crowded. We get in and order fast, but so does everyone else so there is a short wait before our food starts to arrive.

Milo ais ($3.50)

I usually get the iced milo or the lime juice, though recently I get the milo as I can no longer justify paying $3.50 for lime juice and sugar syrup. Oooooh someone has improved on their milo ice because it is SO thick and malty. It's so packed full of milo that I actually suck small clumps of milo up with my straw, sweetened with condensed milk. YUM. I also really like Betty's teh halia, a teh tarik with a lovely hint of ginger, and am definitely getting that when I come back next time.

Roti canai ($5.00)
I don't know if I had been building it up in my head how amazing the roti is here, but several visits to Alice's and a long break from Mamak has left me feeling underwhelmed with the roti canai here. It still looked as fluffy and crispy as I remembered, but the inside was slightly more greasy and soggy than I thought it would be. It's still the best in the city though. And their sambal is still great + the two curry sauces are just as I remember, spicy and intensely full of herbs and spices.

Ayam goreng ($3.50 per piece/$12 for 4)
I love the fried chicken here. I don't bother eating KFC fried chicken, or any other chicken for that matter, because why would you bother when you can get ayam goreng like this (or at Ayam Goreng 99)? I get a little worried seeing all the oil that is glistening on the brown skin of the chicken, but breaking open the skin reveals juicy pieces of meat, not as greasy as I thought it would be. (For the record, I haven't eaten at KFC in nearly 5 years. Isn't that kind of awesome?)

Maggi Goreng ($10.50)
Mmmm I have a soft spot for maggi goreng. It always brings me straight back to coffee shops in KL. I know it seems odd paying for a dish cooked with instant noodles, but there's something so wonderfully street-style about it. It's pretty good here, full of chilli, egg, prawns, crunchy fried onions and bean sprouts, and pillows of deep fried tofu.

Sambal sotong ($16.00)
On a whim, I chose the sambal sotong for us, probably since it was one of the dishes on the menu that I had never tried before. It was different to what I expected, I'm not sure why, but there were super soft and moist slivers of calimari in a thick sambal sauce. I love sambal, I just eat it by the spoonful on its own when I go back to Malaysia, though I'm not completely sold on this style of sotong, as the texture was quite soft and slimy.

Roti tisu ($9.00) with sweetened condensed milk
The pièce de résistance, the roti tisu. We see people having it with curry, we see people having it with ice cream. NO! Sweetened condensed milk is the only way to go with roti tisu! Okay, it may only appeal to the hardened sweet tooths amongst us, but those paper thin slivers of roti, encrusted with butter and sugar crystals become even more amazing when dipped in the super thick, super sticky condensed milk. It just crumbles in your mouth and leaves you with an intense sugar high. I could eat this all day.

I could haved lingered here for longer chatting with the girls who I always have so much fun with, but I can see the line of hungry looking people starting to build up at the front of the restaurant, so we hustle out of the restaurant. Mmm it's definitely worth the wait in line for that roti tisu, but I'm quite pleased to have a very good alternative in Alice's near my home (without the lines!). Thanks again to Betty & Leona for helping me satisfy my roti cravings!

15 Goulburn Street,
Haymarket Sydney 2000
(02) 9211 1668

Open 7 Days
Lunch: 11:30am-2:30pm
Dinner: 5:30pm-9:30pm
Supper: Open til 2am Friday & Saturday
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  1. HEy Steph,

    Thanks for yesterday food was delicious! I'm in love with malaysian roti i think its soo much lighter than the indian roti.

    Your photos turned out really nice! i like the colouring of the images they turned out really nice! see u on friday ^_^

  2. bwhahahaha great minds =P and yup roti tissue with condensed milk no icecream = win!

  3. Excellent wrap up Steph! I can't even remember the last time I went to KFC - 5 years in impressive though - good work! I LOVED my drink :) and the Roti Tisu - so sweeet! (Don't know how great that was in curing my illness... oh well!) Great times with you girls yesterday, as always! See you friday :)

  4. Mamak is my favourite dine out place. It is rather close to my place that’s why. The food is good enough to justify the long queue there!

  5. Everyone's been going to Mamak except me! Gack! Must give it a visit soon...

  6. Mmmmm.. roti.... it looks fluffy and fantastic! I'm very intrigued by the sweetened condensed milk though... but I'm up for (almost) anything :) (Horay for the fried chicken too!)

  7. I have never tried Roti canai and Roti Tisu (with condensed milk :P) there, definitely in my order next visit !

  8. oh my, roti and condensed milk. I've never tried it but it would taste delicious. I can see why you liked it so much.

  9. Ahh too many Mamak posts... must go... roti and ayam goreng!

  10. sitting at a table and feeling bad seeing the queue at the door - that's definitely something that hasn't changed about this place. i've yet to come back since the renovations and i think i'll have the iced milo - sounds so tasty!

  11. Leona - I'm so glad we finally managed to go!! Malaysian roti is the best :) Thanks!

    chocolatesuze - great minds indeed hehe! Oh I could eat one right now, so good!

    Betty - Aw thanks! The ginger was so nice in it, I have to get it next time! It was fun and I'm so looking forward to friday!

    Anh - You're lucky it's close to you, I would go all the time if I could! It's so worth the wait!

    Trisha - Ooh yes and get the roti tisu! :)

    Anita - Hehe Malaysians love their sweetened condensed milk. It's so awesome!

    Bean Sprout's Cafe - Ohh you have to try them! They're my two favs

    Maria - It's dangerously good, I ate way too much of it!

    FFichiban - I know, seems like everyone has it on the brain too!

    panda - I know hey! I was surprised how good the milo was, I've had it in the past and they never used to put so much milo in it.

  12. Oh, you are making me crave Malaysian food now!! Everything looks so delicious, especially roti tisu! I found a place in Melbourne that served a gigantic roti tisu but it has since closed down! :(

  13. ohh that so sad it closed down :( I love gigantic roti tisu! Why do all the best places always shut down?

  14. LOL every time we go out, we ALWAYS go back to Mamak for a mid night snack. A dozen of chicken satays, Teh tarek and a Roti Kaya, I'm all good. Btw I've never been to Alice, so to me Mamak has the best Roti, I should definitely give Alice's a go, just for comparison sake =D

  15. Mmm sounds good! I still have to try their roti kaya, I love kaya so much! Hehe yeah alice's roti isn't as fluffy and light but it's still quite yummy :)


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