Sunday, July 5, 2009

Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant

Eastwood is so full of good, cheap feeds. I have barely begun to skim the surface! But one place I have been going to for years is Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant. It's a guaranteed good meal, but slightly expensive for Eastwood. It always ends up being the place I go for a big group dinner, since you can order the Peking duck with the duck & handmade noodles for the second course. That's always a winner :) But after it got a glowing review in the SMH it was so packed that I avoided going for a while. But I've started going back recently, even though it's still pretty busy. We had vegetarian dishes there during Chinese New Year and that was pretty good (but their pearl teas were really awful).

The other night a few of us stopped by for a quick meal after work. It was another extremely cold night, so hot and sour soup sounded like the perfect thing to order. It was rich and thick, with good texture from the tofu and vegetables but I think they were just a tad too heavy-handed with the pepper.

Hot & sour soup
The second dish is one I haven't tried here before but sounded interesting enough. I used to hate bitter melon but have become a big fan of it in recent years. My Mum cooks it best with egg but I've also had other great dishes with it. This the meat in the hotpot was tender and juicy and the black bean sauce was great. It helped to offset the bitterness of the melon but it wasn't quite enough, these were really bitter bittermelons! I think that the melon needed to be cooked longer, they were still quite crunchy and the bitterness was just too dominant. We ended up leaving most of the bittermelon behind.

Bittermelon and pork ribs hotpot

We can't go past ordering the snow crab. It's my favourite dish on the menu and is so, so moreish. They stir fry the crab meat with eggwhites and then another raw egg is mixed in at the table plus a huge splash of black vinegar. I was really sad that I didn't get a shot of the dish before the egg was mixed in because it looked a lot uglier after all the mixing! But it's so delicious, light and fluffy with a great tang from the vinegar.

Snow crab
Unfortunately I forgot to get the prices of all the dishes but I think we ended up spending around 50 bucks for three of us and we had so much food that we had a takeaway container full of food to take home. Not bad value and consistently good. Hopefully I get to go back again to review their Peking duck!

Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant
(02) 9804 1289
167 Rowe Street,
Eastwood 2122
Mon-Sun: 11am - 10.30pm
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  1. Can you believe I haven't been to Eastwood? :p I need to find a reason to go there! There is nothing worse than eating bitter under-cooked bittermelons!

  2. Oh yes I've been hearing this about Eastwood too! And this year I visited there for the first time and had some great Japanese food. Wow $50 for 3 dishes is great! :o

  3. Ellie - Oh you have to visit it sometime! If only to visit the bakery that sells the best 'wife cakes'

    Lorraine - Yeah I don't know why I dont go more often. Actually it sounds more exxy than I remember and more than other places on the same strip cost, but the serving sizes were huuuuge. That photo of the soup was only about a 1/8th of the bowl we got.

  4. That snow crab looks amazing! I'd probably just keep picking and eating that while talking to friends hahaha. And I love bittermelon but I can't eat the BITTER bittermelons too - it's too much for me!

  5. I used to hate bittermelon when I was little, have grown to love it now too! The snow crab dish looks slimy & delicious!

  6. We always walk past here but have never tried it. We always end up at bbq one if it is early or at one of those places at the roundabout if it is really really late. Will have to give that snow crab a try, that looks great. And the Peking duck too

  7. The snow crab sounds so interesting! I've never had anything like that before, but it sounds both lovely and a bit intriguing at the same time.. :P

  8. it's great how there's so many cheap places to eat in eastwood! anyway, have you been here for the afternoon tea? it's great value - from memory, $6.80 for drink and meal!

  9. Trisha - I did keep picking at it, it's incredibly moreish :) Same here!

    Betty - I'm exactly the same! Done the right way it is fantastic.

    Mr. Taste - You should try it sometime, it's not bad! I love bbq one, actually my best friend's mum owns it so I've been a fan from their start. It's so incredibly cheap and good quality!

    Anita - it's really great! it's very unique and delicious

    panda - I know! I didn't know about that, must try it out sometime, thanks!

  10. Eastwood is close to work and home so we are here atleast once a week. Peking duck at this place is a firm favourite. We always get the San Choy Bao option for 2nd course. Must try the hand noodles next time. Love the eggroll. Must try the snow crab too. Thanks for the review. Try the szechuan places (2)and the northern chinese place opposite Eastwood shopping centre. Truly scrumptious. Also delicious is the relatively new dumpling place on the corner. I know the recs are vague, but if you really want, I can note down exact names for you.

  11. Thanks for the recommendations! I've been meaning to try the northern chinese place and the dumpling place for a while now :)


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