Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tara Tea Room & Other Goodies From the Rocks

I'd just left the MCA and I was in the mood for scones. I am an odd creature. I realise now that my favourite meals are not even proper meals, but the in-between ones. I love brunch, afternoon tea and supper. So after a lovely brunch at La Renaissance, I dragged Asian Gaga to the Tara Tea Room for afternoon tea.
I nearly walk straight past the Tara Tea Room, it is easy to miss in the hustle and bustle of the Rocks Markets. The only thing that I do recognise is the super cute scone clock that they have posted out the front advertising 'the Best Scones in Sydney'. Now that's a big call to make for such a little sign!
Specialty Scones with tea $9.00
We share some speciality scones, which turn out to be date scones and I choose the Irish tea to go with it. The scones smell a little bit of raw flour but they don't taste raw at all. In fact they are wonderfully moist and crumbly. I'm a little bit envious after just having made a batch of date scones which were far drier than these. At $9 these are pretty great.

Date Scones with Raspberry Jam and Cream
You can choose strawberry or raspberry jam and cream or butter to go with your scones. I have to go with the usual raspberry jam and cream. I'm a little unimpressed with the raspberry jam, but it's only a minor complaint. The Irish tea is a great match with the scones, dark and strong.

Cutest. Tea cosy. Ever!
Arghhhh I die a little bit from the cuteness everytime I look at these tea cosies. They are so adorable with the little ladybugs all over them! It makes me want to start knitting just so I can make myself some. I'm surprised no one has run off with one of these.

We have a wander around the Rocks on this beautifully sunny Sydney day, and I manage to pick up a vintage scarf as well as some lovely things from the markets. We are instantly drawn to the window display at the Bakers Oven Cafe because it is piled sky high with all kinds of cakes, cookies and slices.

Even Asian Gaga can't resist, getting herself an Anzac biscuit while I grab a coconut and jam slice for a later snack!

Giant anzac biscuit

Jam & Coconut Slice
I picked up the cutest postcards to stick up in my kitchen from one of the stalls at the Rocks Markets and also a series of prints of a little cartoon couple who fall in love and get old. I love getting things to make my new place feel more like home!

*Note: Tara Tea Room is now known as The Tea Cosy

Tara Tea Room The Tea Cosy
33 George St, The Rocks,
Sydney 2000
Thursdays and Fridays 10am – 4pm
Saturdays and Sundays 9.30am – 5pm
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  1. ooh i love the prints you got and the sign at the front of the tea room and the tea cosy .... ooh jealous!! i'm a huge fan of the in-between meals as well ;)

  2. those prints are gorgeous i've seen them around at various markets

    i'm going to MCA on tues - ill drop past for scones after!

    I had wanted to go MCA a while ago but just got really busy & forgot all about it so thanks for the reminder :P

  3. I loved my visit to the Tara Tea Room a few months back. It was when the markets were on and we were sitting out the front. The Tea Cosies were what drew me!

  4. Simon - me too! :) so adorable isn't it?

    Betty - Thanks I love them too, so cute! In between meals are the most fun!

    Betty - I hadn't seen them before but I had to get them straight away they were too cute. Ooh have fun! It's a great exhibit :)

    Lorraine - Yeah it's great sitting there in the middle of the markets with a scone and a cup of tea. The tea cosies made me squeal with the cuteness!

  5. I have so many "boyfriends" in the rocks. there is a guy from the baker's oven cafe who flirts with me every time I go there for a chicken schnitzel sandwich haha. those postcards are so cute! and I will have to try the tea room one day!

  6. Hehehe how funny, you saucy minx-chatting up the baker's oven guy. Does help score you extra goodies? :D


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