Saturday, May 16, 2009

Belgian Beer Cafe (Epoch), Cammeray

Damn you graffiti!
At first, we weren't going to go out for lunch on Mother's Day. We just didn't want to deal with the crowds. Then my Mum decided she wanted to go back to Indulgence Cafe (she's so in love with their brekkie wrap that she's gone back without me a couple times) since she thought it would be empty like it always seems to be. Unfortunately when we got there we were surprised to find out that eatability had misinformed us and the cafe was not open on a Sunday. So now we were totally stumped. Where could we go for a nice lunch with no booking on Mother's Day, of all days?!

Best idea ever - the Belgian Beer Cafe in Cammeray. They were amazing and managed to fit us in even though they were fully booked and we were eternally grateful. Actually this is the second time we had shown up here on a busy weekend without a booking and they've managed to accommodate us, but I won't keep testing that luck in the future! Mum was chuffed; beer, mussels and chips with mayo was her type of Mother's Day lunch! We ordered a ton of mussel sets ($29.90) that come with chips, mayo and your choice of drink (Stella, Hoegaarden or a glass of house wine). We got Hoegaardens, wonderfully easy to drink, and the girls also tried a Floris Apple, because we were already fans of the cherry and strawberry flavours (although I find the strawberry a little too sweet) and I adored the apple flavour this time.

We definitely need some entrees because we don't know how long the wait will be for the mussels on this busy day. I usually adore the cheese croquettes - melty cheese encased with a crispy breadcrumb batter. But there's something not quite right about the cheese today, it was sour and a tad lumpy, like it had curdled. Not very appealing.

Cheese croquettes
We also select the chicken liver mousse from the specials board which the waitress kindly plonks down by our table for easy viewing. It is lovely and perfectly matched with the red currant jelly. They only give a small amount of toast for the mousse and we happily enjoy spooning up the mousse and jelly on its own. The pickled onions, gherkins and other vegetables add a nice tang and are even better dipped in some chicken mousse.

Chicken liver mousse with red currant jelly and pickles
Entrees behind us, it was time for MUSSELS! And chips with a ton of mayonnaise. The mussels come out surprisingly quick considering the crowd and they are so so good.

Provençale - tomatoes, herbs and garlic

Poulette - white wine, bacon, vegetables and a touch of cream

A l'Escargot - Half-shell mussels, grilled with garlic butter
I had a hard time choosing a favourite; the garlic butter ones were so rich and buttery, the Provencale had a wonderful sauce that I just wanted to drink like a soup, and I loved the meatiness from the bacon in the Poulette. But I ate far too many chips.

Chips and mayonnaise
Ahhhh why is this combination so good? So bad for you but so so good. Fat golden chips with rich, creamy mayonnaise. No one seemed willing to share the Belgian Waffles with me for dessert so I totally fill up on chips and mayo. Then, as I am contemplating whether I should undo my top button on my jeans, the waitress tells us that they are giving complimentary chocolate mousse for all the Mums. I can't say no to free chocolate mousse can I?

Belgian Chocolate Mousse
No bloody way could I turn that down! A very generous serve of chocolate mousse with whipped cream and sauce. The mousse is really really really good and I can't stop eating it even though I am so full. And then patted our stomachs with a sigh and rolled home for a nap (to be followed, unbelievably, by more eating).

Epoque Belgian Beer Cafe
429 Miller Street
Cammeray NSW 2062
Open 7 days - from Midday.
Closed Public Holidays
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  1. Yayyy Hoegaarden = wiinnnnnn!! Hahah I think I am still a bit meh about mussels right now but the other dishes look greatt! (esp mousse) but pity about the cheese :(

  2. Ooh yeah big love for Belgian Beer Cafe although their branch at The Rocks Heritage is my usual haunt.

    Love the Floris Apple! And the Siam Mussels and sausages and sauerkraut are always a staple. Yum yum!

  3. I definitely have to try this place! If not only for the apple beer, mmm

  4. I am SO such a mayo and chips girl. You know that bit in Pulp Fiction where they go on about the mayo and fries? I totally disagreed, it is so good (and possibly even better with aioli). Good to read about a place close by too! :D

  5. FFichiban - Why are you still meh about mussels? Was it the all you can eat mussel-fest? Mousse was goooood :)

    Karen - Ooh I've never tried the Siam ones before, must remember to try them next time!

    Lisa - You should! Let me know if you need a willing luncher to come with you hehe!

    Lorraine - Oh yeah I remember that bit of the movie! You're right, they are just such a winning combination!

  6. You can't go wrong with Belgian beer cafe. In fact I started to appreciate beer for the first time thanks to their delicious Floris apple beer (I know, it's not really beer, but hey. Gotta start somewhere).

  7. OH Belgian Bier - where do I start? Stella Artois, Tintin au Congo mussels, chips and mayo, A l'Escargot!

  8. Forager - It was a great Mother's Day lunch, I'm so glad it was our Plan B! Haha yeah it's closer to a chick drink than a beer but I love it!

    Trisha - Mmm yes to all of it! It was my first time trying the A l'Escargot and is a new favourite of mine now!


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