Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Weekend of Gluttony

I have done nothing but overeat since returning from my holiday. I'm not too proud of it, considering the fact that the main purpose of my holiday was eating. But it's hard to stop yourself seeking out fantastic food for every single meal, which is effortless in Malaysia. It's still pretty easy in Sydney but I find myself less easy to satisfy and end up eating a lot more volume-wise. I think it's the cooler weather which is making me seek out comfort foods.

After spending Saturday morning scrubbing my apartment spotless in preparation for the visiting parents I was exhausted and around lunch time I dragged myself outside to grab an extra large cappuccino and some treats from SWEETNESS the Patisserie. I think this will become a regular Saturday excursion for me. This time I try a slab of their bronze medal winning vanilla caramel and a small loaf of chai spice bread. A loves anything caramel and takes a big ass bite off the end of it before I can whip my camera out.

Vanilla Caramel
It's really delicious. And so rich that a tiny nibble gives you a big hit of flavour. I force myself to give away half to my family so that I don't eat all of it and punish my bum.

Chai Spice Bread
The chai spice bread comes in a cute little loaf that is all nicely wrapped up. It smells fantastic and I am not surprised when I slice it open and see chopped nuts throughout it. But I have been testing the limits of my allergy and I seem to have no obvious reaction to the bread. It is AMAZING sliced and toasted with a dollop of breakfast marmalade on top.

Chai Spice Bread with marmalade!
Later that evening we headed out to the city for A's birthday dinner with his family. This time I suggest Hurricane's Grill & Bar at Darling Harbour because I LOVE THEIR RIBS.

Full rack - pork ribs w/ chips

Getting a table is a bit of an ordeal. It is not a huge restaurant, and when we call up earlier in the week we are told we cannot book but when we arrive they ask us if we made a booking? Very odd. Luckily we show up early, around 6.15 and only have to wait around 20 minutes for a table for 8. And the service once we get our table is impeccable and lightning fast. A & I share a full rack of pork ribs. He gets the bib, I have faith in my rib eating skills. A's Dad manages to get sauce on his shirt even with a bib on! The ribs are consistently excellent - juicy, fall-off-the-bone meat with that finger-licking good bbq sauce glazed all over. I am the typical asian and do not waste a single morsel, A's sister comments that my bones are picked clean and shiny. Gotta get my money's worth! The others also try the bbq chicken which A tells me is very dry, but they seem to love the mushroom sauce that comes with their steaks. Most of us do not have room for dessert but A is curious about the irish coffee.

Irish coffee
Bleh! Not a fan of that combination. We are done by 8pm and the line waiting for tables is unbelievable, I am a little astounded by the lengths people will go to for these ribs!

A headed off to tennis and I went off to get my wife cakes again. This time I get a big box of them to bring to my lovely Mum. We meet in Chatswood where she learns to share our love for Aldi and buys out the whole store. I am starved by 3 and we end up at Winsure BBQ Restaurant, just opposite Chatswood Chase, because the Chatswood Chase food court has disappeared (?). I've never been but a family friend likes it and I am too hungry to care!

Chinese BBQ Sausage, yee meen & hor fun
There's a bit of breakdown in communication between my brother, Mum and the unfriendly waitress, and we end up with soft yee meen noodles instead of the dry fried ones he was expecting. It's still quite tasty with slices of chinese mushroom through it. The chinese bbq sausage is SO YUM, we are surprised that we have never had it before. Unfortunately we ordered way too much food, and are having an early dinner in a few hours, so we leave the hor fun noodles for takeaway. The sauce is sticky and super thick with corn starch, typical Hongky style. We also have a bean curd hot pot, which the waitress had told us would have meat in it but there isn't a trace of meat to be found.

Hot pot
The bean curd is tasty, especially the fried skin, and I always love this style of dish. The thick sauce goes really well with the steamed vegetables and I eat far too much. From this point on it feels like I am eating constantly until about 10 pm. We go home and have tea with wife cake, vanilla caramel, pineapple tarts and my favourite melting cookies (shih fun paeng). Then we head over to my place and am so relieved to find my parents love my place, even with all its flaws. We decide to try something new - Beschico - a new Korean chicken restaurant specialising in fried and grilled chicken. Apparently the Beschico restaurant chain is well known in Korea. It's a rather inconspicuous restaurant, the signs the cover the windows aren't very clear and block the view of the inside, so it's not very easy to see the place from the street. The interior is actually very nice - modern but comfortable cafe style with tables and booths and a bar area. A small display cabinet shows several sample dishes that are not listed on the menu.

We go with a combo chicken platter - half crispy deep fried chicken and half original chico style. The former is KFC style but much better - crispy batter-encased meat which is still quite moist and it has not retained oil or grease at all. The latter I am fairly certain is fried and has a tasty glaze on the outside. The skin is thin and crispy and the meat is super juicy. I prefer this one while A is loving the KFC style chicken.
The dish comes with pickled radish which cuts through the fattiness very well and we also order a side of rice and chips. We dip the chicken in the secret mustard recipe, which has a wasabi-like kick to it, and the sweet chilli sauce. The service is lacking, we have to ask twice for water and the waiter forgets our order of the house salad. This actually works out well since we have more than enough food. My Mum still convinces me to get a serve of fried ice cream to try.

Fried ice cream with strawberry syrup.
The fried ice cream is...interesting. It's not fried enough to be crispy or warm on the outside, but the batter is not too heavy and the coconut in it goes well with the icecream. Nothing special but we only paid 6 dollars for it so it wasn't too bad. The eating does not end there, believe it or not. We wander back to our place to share of tea, grapes and wasabi cheese from aldi with cracked pepper water table crackers. And finally, I am done for the weekend.

Winsure Barbeque Restaurant
302 Victoria Ave,
Chatswood NSW 2067,
(02) 9411 2988

Beschico Epping,
Level 2, 41 Beecroft Road
Epping, NSW 2121
(02) 9869 8188

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  1. wow. that's pretty intense!
    but i think you should allow the glutton to come out on the weekends, starting on friday night :)

  2. I agree, you can spend the rest of the week eating boring if you have to!


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