Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hukuya Sushi Bar, Eastwood

Hukuya is a little gem at the heart of Eastwood. Located just opposite the train station, this Korean sushi bar is overflowing with customers no matter what day of the week it is. I come here whenever I get a severe hankering for fresh seafood, and lots of it.

For what you pay, the sushi is an absolute bargain. Their salmon belly sushi is the size of two, or sometimes THREE sushi portions at any other restaurant. And it's always wonderfully fresh. They must go through so much salmon belly here! When we go with a larger group, we usually order the Hukuya sushi set - salmon belly, scampi, eel, salmon roe and sea urchin roe sushi. One shared between two people is perfect.

Hukuya Set ($25)

Scallop sushi

Seaweed salad

The scallops are plump and sweet and again, super fresh. I adore scallop sashimi, it's the best way to appreciate those fat morsels. The only thing that regularly disappoints is the sushi rice, it's usually a fairly wet rice ball that is swallowed by the enormous piece of fish and doesn't hold together much. I usually just leave the rice behind unless I am starving.

Spider roll

The soft shell crab roll is pretty good but maybe a little on the oily side. They used to offer tempura soft shell crab on its own but the menu seems to have changed recently and I don't see it there anymore.

Spicy yakiniku
My favourite dish at Hukuya was their spicy squid - barbequed bits of squid fried with onions and a spicy sauce, served with a cabbage salad. The menu has changed this to spicy octopus but we decide to try the pork this time. It's pretty good, but the squid was better. Hopefully the octopus is just as good.

Teriyaki fish
I don't usually order teriyaki anything at restaurants because use teriyaki marinade at home a lot, but their teriyaki fish is really good. The fish is deep fried first, so it is wonderfully crispy. I thought I was still full from my big brunch but I keep going back for more of this dish. Most of their non-sushi dishes come with a bowl of rice so they are quite big portions.

Make sure you book ahead of time if you plan to come here, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays. Even when you book, if there is only two of you then you'll probably get squeezed on to the sushi bar, it's not a big restaurant. The kitchen closes at 9 and several times I've stayed late enough to see the restaurant workers sit down for their dinner, which looks so delicious that I've wished I could join them. There's something wonderfully communal about it, and they even shared some of the mochi that they were having for dessert with us.

Hukuya Sushi Bar
Level 1, 25 Railway Pde
Eastwood, NSW 2122
(02) 9804 8200
Mon to Sat 11:30am - 9:30pm
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  1. I only recently discovered that Eastwood was a place for all things deliciously Japanese. Salmon belly is probably my favourite sashimi/sushi fish ever so I must give this place a try! :)

  2. I LOVE Salmon belly. King fish belly, scallop and mackerel sashimi come a close second though!

  3. salmon belly omg yum! yay eastwood is nice and close to me hehe will be making a visit soon thanks for that!

  4. :D No worries, hope you enjoy it!

  5. hey steph - i had no idea you'd started a food blog. Nice!!

  6. Hehe thanks soph! Yeah it's a pretty new thing :)

  7. Oohh the salmon toro does look quite plump and smooth mmm I haven;t had good sashimi in agggesss!

  8. Mm yes it's always lovely & fresh! And so much of it!


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