Saturday, April 4, 2009

bill's, Darlinghurst

Ahh, breakfast at bill's. For as long as I have been in Sydney, it has been an established spot in our 'food tour of Sydney' - the must-visit place for any friends or relatives who stop by. Other places on this list include Harry's Cafe de Wheels, Cafe Sopra & Hurricanes Rib's Bondi (takeaway, picnic style with a view of the beach). Waqu used to be on this list, before it became degustation only. I seem to be one of the only people who was not happy about this transition, I never ordered their mains, preferring to order lots of different little entrees which I thought were their best tasting/value dishes.

Anyway I digress. bill's is on the 'food tour of Sydney' list because when we can actually be bothered going to darlinghurst, you are never disappointed after breakfast at bill's. (P.S I am only referring to the Darlinghurst restaurant. I have never visited the other two bill's but my brother is always disappointed with the Surry Hill's version) I did not get a chance to visit there for a long time, so I missed the entire period where the big communal table was taken away. I went there last year for my 7 year anniversary with A and a few weeks ago when my cousin visited from Singapore. He was mightily impressed with our meal.

We are purists, and order the usual - corn fritters, scrambled eggs with bacon and the ricotta hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter. My cousin and I choose mochas while my brother and his girlfriend go with the hot chocolate and the juice. I love any of their warms drinks that come with chocolate, the hot chocolate is particularly attractive as it is served with the little beads of chocolate that sit at the bottom of the cup, contrasting starkly with the frothy white milk on top. It's almost too cute to mix together. Almost.
Corn fritters and Scrambled Eggs with Bacon

The corn fritters are as good as always. Corn is in season, so each mouthful of fritter is an explosion of sweet, juicy corn kernels. There's just the right amount of batter - enough to hold the corn together without getting too stodgy. The bacon stacked between the fritters is a little on the soggy side, but the bacon that comes with the perfect creamy pillows of scrambled eggs is lovely and crispy. The ricotta hotcakes are always my favourite of the dishes, probably because of my raging sweet tooth. Because we leave the hotcakes untouched while we plow through the savoury dishes first, the honeycomb butter is completely melted by the time we get to it. It is still fantastic. The outside of the cakes is lovely and ever so slightly crisped, the inside is fluffy with pockets of melty ricotta. This is hotcake heaven.

This was my first meal after coming back from KL, and it was the only type of food I missed while I was there. I am a big breakfast fan, it's the only meal where I am more than happy to splurge calorie-wise, when you have the rest of the day to burn it off! My cousin is completely fascinated by the contrast between the spotless interior of the cafe and the dirty alleyway next to it and I find him taking photos of used syringes that are strewn on the road ("Look kids! It's not just in movies!").

Sigh, time to return to reality. I have a house that needs to be cleaned in preparation for the visiting (and snooping) parentals, a stomach that is demanding another visit to Sweetness and a boyfriend who deserves a family birthday dinner at Hurricanes Darling Harbour. Hmm that doesn't sound too bad actually!
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  1. hi there oddly enough its the ONLY type of food i miss whenever i visit relatives in malaysia also! ive heard that the bills in surry hills is overrated.. your entry gives me hope for the darlo branch!

  2. hi suzy, yes I think it's one of the rare things you don't get to eat much or find done well in Malaysia! I've never been to the surry hills branch before but my brother has been twice and been hugely disappointed by it. He swears by the Darlinghurst cafe though!


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