Sunday, April 12, 2009

Berrima & Bowral

EDIT: I've been informed The Old Bakery Tea Rooms have closed down. Sadness!

"Do you want to drive down to Berrima for Devonshire tea?"

HA! Do you even need to ask??

I am a sucker for Devonshire tea, high tea and anything that involves tea, jam scones and/or cakes and little sandwiches. It must be the little girl inside of me who still wants to play tea party with her dolls. I usually have a lot of trouble convincing anyone to share this with me because no one has my insatiable sweet tooth. The long weekend finally gave me my chance to down some freshly baked scones when we took my parents for a mini-roadtrip down to Berrima.

We originally planned to visit the White Horse Inn for a late lunch but arrive to find the place surrounded by construction fences and a little sign informing us it is closed until further notice :( So we go with plan B and head to the Old Bakery Tea Rooms.

It's a chilly & rainy day, so the cosy warm lower room is very inviting. It's almost 3 in the afternoon but the place is still bustling with happy lunchers.
Everyone is ravenous and we order quickly. The food comes promptly, along with the pot of loose leaf tea for our Devonshire tea.

Home made Quiche Lorraine

B.L.T. on brown bread

Tea with an easter egg!
I try a bit of everything - both the quiche and the BLT are really good. The quiche is not too rich so it doesn't leave you feeling a bit nauseous after eating it like I find a lot of quiches tend to. The BLT (which also has a big smear of yummy avocado in it) is served on some fantastic thick brown bread and comes with an extremely generous serve of crispy bacon. I don't eat too much of it, I'm still waiting for my fresh scones.

Freshly baked scones with jam and cream

Ooh yeah, come to mama...
Mmm there's nothing quite like warm, fresh scones. These scones are pretty good ones too - light, airy and well risen. They don't have even the tiniest hint of raw flour taste to them. The jam is on the sweeter end of the scale rather than the tart end but there is a nice strong strawberry flavour to it. (It doesn't beat the homemade jam from Miss Marples but I am still happy) I am usually pretty controlled with my portion sizes but this time I gleefully scoff down two huge scones slathered in a mountain of fresh cream and jam. We pat our bellies and lean back in our chairs with a nice cuppa.

A walk around Berrima is absolutely necessary after all that food. Not only that, the place is so pretty and quaint with all its little antique and food stores. I spend a lot of time in the hand-stirred jam store trying to pick a flavour of jam. The eventual winner is the raspberry and apple jam as well as a big jar of candied ginger.
Also, a quick trip to the Lolly Swagman. It's a brimming with all sorts of sweets and lollies.
I am immediately drawn to the display of homemade fudge at the counter and end up buying three different flavours to try.

Strawberry, peppermint and maple choc fudge
Mum, the champion snacker, grabs a bag of these sour strawberry strings. They are not too sweet and super tangy, very much to her liking. The fudge has a nice smooth texture to it, but the flavours are a little boring compared to the fudge at the Hunter Valley. The strawberry tastes just like a strawberry freddo frog, evoking some happy childhood memories.

The rain is starting to set in so we jump back in the car. On the way home we stop by Bowral and I grab a palmier from The Gumnut Patisserie, its window proudly advertising it as NSW Patisserie of the Year for 2004-2007. The hot cross buns covering their counters look perfect but we already have my cinnamon choc chip buns sitting at home so we have to give these a pass. The palmier is so buttery and perfect that I find it hard to stop myself from finishing it , even after all those scones.

Palmier from The Gumnut Patisserie
After all that eating, I didn't even try to fit in dinner afterwards!
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  1. Berrima and Bowral are ultra fun been going since a little girl. i loved all the antique stores in berrima. Makes a great weekend trip =)

  2. Same here! It's so wonderful and cute :)

  3. Hello, Is this place still closed down? I Found out about it on another blog and was so looking forward to going. :(

  4. Katie - I'm not 100% sure since I haven't been back since, but somebody contacted me and told me that it had closed down a while ago. I could be wrong though!


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